Did I do the right thing?


Im a first time grower and learning a whole lot fast, great to be here. ILGM posted a question here a little ago about if the harvest was ready or not. I posted another question in that thread that maybe got lost

So a little history, currently growing 2 plants of Auto Flower CandyCane. 4x4 tent, 2 galaxyhydro 300w LED lights, Ventilation fans input and exhaust with carbon filter, and an oscillating fan inside. I screwed up on the soil using a time release soil, Vigaro. Yes I know :frowning: and probably why Im seeing problems now close to the end of flowering

1 plant had a rougher time than other barely making it. I was using Advance Nut, perfect PH, which made the problem worse…I did get some cal/mag in there at the end of Veg and it helped a lot.

So, yesterday not getting a good answer I made the decision to harvest 4 of the big cola’s that were showing very bad leave yellowing. They yellowing had gone to the sugar leaves. The Trichomes to me at least looked cloudy and ready. I would of liked to waited till I just started seeing Amber, but the health of the bud had me concerned. I know its not getting nutrients from the soil, from what I understand its getting them from the leaves and too much. The yellowing is only on the buds, some of the less mature buds still show all green leaves as well as the rest of the plant. So the plan was to remove the ones dying up top and almost ready and let the less mature ones another week to grow

Question is, could I left these on the plant longer given they are so yellow?

I have 4 new plants, 2 northern lights, and 2 super skunk…both auto flower following up now in week 3 looking very good in great soil this time.47%20PM%20%23247%20PM


I’m curious to hear the answer to that myself. It sounds like maybe the nutrients the plant was taking out of the leaves started taking them a little too early since its happening right before or close to the buds finishing time? I’m no Pro and I’ve been close to having this happen to me before so I’m curious to hear what they have to say too.
Good luck with your girl! Thanks for posting the question.

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That’s nutrient burn IMO. You probably did well to take those but they may be very harsh from all of the chemicals still present.

Your timed release soil along with additional fertilizer (AN) has your plant in trouble. Flush the heck out of it and monitor your ppm’s to see it go down.

Do you PH your input liquid and if so, what do you use? Out of range PH issues are the most common.


I have really good well water that is 6.4 PH and around 50ppm. I did flush quite a bit when the other one was having nutrient burn or lock. I flushed really good several times where I got lots of run off, and stopped the nutrients about a month ago. 2 weeks ago, I did give a shot of bloom Nutrients. Then nothing but water since. So other than the time release stuff. Run off was about 6.8 PH, hmm never checked the PPM which I should of. Maybe didn’t know about that back then. Most of the rest of the plant is fine and the other buds. Im guessing too much Nitrogen in the soil.

Im sure most advance growers don’t have this issue in the first place. Next time I should not have a soil issue. I sampled a small bud i took off 4 days ago and started drying. Its actually pretty good, even though rushed. I just wonder how much better it could of been.

I am drying at 70% humidity and 64 degrees F. I don’t have much options here. I hear that can be good as longer dry time the better. I have a little air circulating in the room right now. Id like to reduce that humidity a little, I did order a small dehumidifier.