Did I do the FIM correctly


Do you have your own thread ? If so tag me into it please

Looks like tou topped your plant from the picture it also looks like you have a issue with the plant
Can you get a picture in natural light and post on your thread


It was my bad. :zipper_mouth_face: I told Ausgrow it was a-lil high but was ok. And he took it to heart and did it again. Hope its not an auto and I made AusiGrow mess his plant up. Looks topped to me too


@boardsbird it will be fine he just topped it
No harm no fowl
Autos i top when they have 3-4 nodes ?


I top and FIM everything too. Top it once then 2 rounds of FIMing works good for me, I DWC and don’t scrog


@Countryboyjvd1971 Yeah I topped them. They are 5and 6 node respectively. They had a cal mag deficiency corrected on Monday. The new growth is/was healthy. @boardsbird. I only cut them once. I think you may have given that advice to someone else. They aren’t autos. They’re lucky dip bag seeds to train on. I got the Persian mix pack from ilgm sitting here waiting for me to learn.


This was the bigger one on Monday. If you zoom in there was holes developing in the leaves


Question: can you FIM multiple tips in the same session or should they be one at a time. That is, if you should fin the other sights.


Good question @Familyman


I’ll FIM a plant 8 places at once

They never even know they got fimed," no stunted growth"


Just remember when you fim or top there is a recovery period and growth may slow down a bit lol