Did I do the FIM correctly


Guys take a look at the pics and let me know it I did this correctly. Thanks!


Its a FIM you and I wont know till it grows if you mastered it or not
Nice plant GG #4?


Thanks. Nope, they are Northern Lights Photos and are 22 days old. Thanks for the compliment. It’s my very first grow ever.


I maybe would have cut just a-lil lower. but howd she turn out?


I literally took the pic immediately after fimming it.


Should I go back in and cut it shorter


NA your good. you never know. both these plants on the right were FIMed 8 or more places each


Heres the plant from the right side back 3 weeks later


Sweet. I actually did trim them slightly shorter. Worst case, I topped them lmao


If you do top them leave some of the stem" I cut mine flush and had 2 plants try and split in half on me " had to tie the stem up"


Wow. I think the FIM went well. Plants are super perky this morning.


Looking good and I agree you never know until it grows a bit then youll know if fim took
I tend to top myself
Nice job :+1:


Thanks :blush: I really enjoy this forum. I would actually hand out with you guys in real life!!


I think I nailed it! Plants look better than ever


It looks like you did a good job cutting, here is a drawing showing you the best spot to FIM or top


looks like the tops are healing well and new baby sprouts are getting bigger at the nodes. Also got a box of goodies from amazon today that had my 5 gallon fabric pots, jewelers loupe, cal/mag, pH test probe and pH buffer liquids. I think I’m set now for a while lol. Well until i buy another HLG light.


Looking good bud!!!


A FIM is like a box of chocolates


Exactly lmao @boardsbird
But when correctly done it works great


Here’s my attempt today. How did I do?