Did I crop to much?

Pruned off bottom 3 sets of leaves 5 days ago then pinched head 2 days ago. Do you think it was good idea, does she look good,what’s my next step.

here is a side view

Led light started from seed prob 2 MO ago.

It looks ok. Those leaves you cut off, are actually the energy producing panels for the plant. Imagine a solar panel on your roof, collecting sun for energy. Then imagine someone stole it. Now you lose your energy collector. The fan leaves help feed the plant it’s energy. By cutting a lot of them off, you make your plant struggle to get energy, and right now it needs a lot of energy to overcome the cropping and leaves being cut off. This all hurts a plant, and usually they need some recovery time. I remember reading some where, “You can cut 30% of a plants canopy off without it dying”. You kind of just double dipped yourself here. Because you topped it, now it will grow two shoots out from the top. But because there’s no under growth, your plant will literally only make buds on whatever new growth you allow. It’s not exactly a bad thing, but you’ll have to grow a big ass plant now if you want a high yield.

Most likely your plant will be fine, it will just take a while to recover and have new growth. But, you need to clear off all that excess little growth on the stalk of the plant. Get rid of it all. Keep your pH for water perfect during this time. Make sure you’re giving nutrients, but NOT too much! The plant will need nutes to help her recover.

Keep us updated, I’d love to help and see how she turns out.


looks a little stressed possibly over watered too? give it time and let the soil dry out more before next watering are you using ph’d water, or tap, bottled maybe?

Here it is tonight. Lights still on and had small fan moving air. I use a closet w 3 little led. Prob no more than 30 watts total. Their approx 5 to 10" from plant. Two on side and one on too.

Hi @boosie21,

It looks like your plant was not in the best health even before the pruning. And it is probably not the best idea to heavily prune a plant that is sickly. It does look possibly like over watering, they certainly shouldn’t be that droopy, this of course could also be from under watering.

I suspect you have some other things that are the causes of the ill health of the leaves and leaf stalk of this plant. The red to the stems or stalks and the uneven color to the leaves indicate nutrient deficiencies. This can be caused by over watering and it is also very often caused by improper pH conditions at the root zone.

Make sure to know what the pH is of the water you give to the plant, and look into ways to check your plant’s soil pH, there are many different ways to get an idea of what is going on in your plant’s root zone.

Check out this article and video by Robert about knowing what is going on in your plant’s root zone:

Article above ^^
Video below vv

happy growing,


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Are you trying to manifold aka mainline if so there are lots of good videos out !! Good luck with your grow

Here it is a few hrs after lights been on. Looks like it’s getting worse. Tips of leaves Browning also. Hopefully she’ll pull of of it. My two upper branches are very purple. Again I’ve been using fOxfarm “grow big” and "big bloom"here’s some pics. To me looks like it needs water but lower soil is drenched. Do I need to transplant?

And no I really didn’t have a technique. Lol. Just figured lower limbs and leaves meant more work on the plant. Do I need to let the new growth at the V get bigger. Here’s this am.

This is why I always suggest multiple transplants that tiny little plant will grow so slow and take weeks to dry out the soil. Also if the soil in the bottom of pot is drenched as you say it will be hindering airflow to roots at best possibly decomposing and creating it’s own ph level in a stagnant environment.
I would transplant to smaller pot some fresh soil with good drainage and airflow properties 30% vermiculite atleast to me looks like plant is over watered or nitrogen deficient (likely both) but adding nitrogen if the ph is too far out due to swamped in roots is pointless.

I was also told to take off new growth where I cut the branches. Is this a good idea?

I would transplant to smaller container let them recover then make that call since most of your older leaves are looking unhealthy you will want all the foliage you have to speed recovery cutting off anything else only serves to slow things down further. If you had more leaves your plant would drink faster grow faster and be fine in bigger pot, if it’s your first time growing the wisest thing you can do is take your scissors and hide them until harvest. Training can be done without scissors and you should know how a plant grows naturally before you try and !@#$ with it, until you know what a plant looks and acts like when healthy and unhindered you will have enough on your platter without adding stress.
Learn to walk before you try to fly start with LST low stress training stay away from scissors at this point you don’t know how to keep your plant healthy let alone how to prune it in a way that will make it grow better.
Not trying to be rude but don’t rush you need to get ph feeding lighting airflow media down before you even start to think about how to get better yields grow once start to finish with success take what you learn then improve on it.

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And again, there is a good chance your pH is way off, and this is not good, get a way to get a reading on what your pH is, in the water and in the soil. And stop over watering!


Let it recover before doing anything more. It needs more light also in my opinion. It looks good, it’ll recover unless the soil is toxic. Be patient :grinning:

Purple leaf stems droopy leaves this plant has ph issues written all over it and if his rootzone soil has remained swamp like for too long correcting his soil ph will be a challenge to say the least, he needs to transplant and get ph tester or indicator strips.
Sometimes we just have to tell it like it is an unknown ph is bad shit waiting to happen :wink: