Did I create a hermie?

I may have mistaken it for a female but I think it changed on me. I was running lights at night for temp issues and 3 days after going 12/12 the power went out for 3 days so I was forced to take them outside. I think they stressed and changed :frowning:

It has balls …chop

To my knowledge, you cannot “create” a hermie. True hermaphrodites are a genetic trait that will always mature as such regardless of stressors endured. I had a true hermie last grow and it burst with male flowers long after developing buds everywhere.
Cannabis will self pollinate or perform asexual reproduction from various stresses- be it light, heat, insects, nutrients or many stress factors. Perfectly fine beautiful looking females will produce male flowers to self pollinate to continue the reproductive process and ensure future generations.
This is a photo from a seemingly healthy, beautiful female plant, Alaskan Thunder F*ck, that broke my heart. Note the Mealy bug buried in the bud…

And right by the nanner… Almost as if it is mocking you. Friggin’ bugs! :unamused:

I am learning every day lol…thanks for the help

This is a terrible feeling…I dont like it lol

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Better to do what ya gotta do… damn hermies suck. had one last grow i moved to basement to see how it developed - within 6 days the buds disappeared and flowers took over.
The only thing i see beneficial about hermies are producing fem seeds. even the extraction is hardly worth the labor. If I ever get another I will blast and extract concentrates IMMEDIATELY!

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