Did i burn my plant? What happened?

hi there. i am new to growing and am doing dwc. i think i burned my seedling by moving the ligh ttoo close and turning it up too high.

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Probably root rot. That cube is far too wet. Cannabis seedlings are particularly susceptible to it. A seedling that size only needs a couple ml of water per day.

The best way to give seedlings adequate water is to use a humidity dome and not water the grow media at all. Use a clear solo cup or a cut pop bottle, spray inside the dome a couple of time per day. The seedling can get all of the water it needs from the humidity in the dome.


Agreed, it drowned.

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did i put it in the dwc bucket too soon? so many different videos and opinions

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Moreover what they are saying is that what you have going on there is too wet period. Your cubes shouldnt look like that. Its the difference between wet and moist. You may want to look into things at an individual pace. What is a seedling and how do you care for one, how long is the germ stage? Making sure you understand the life cycle will help you out.

I would start another seed you’ll be ahead of the game. Good luck :v:

thank you everyone. very helpful. ugh! hate wasting money. learning process i suppose.

are you guys doing dwc?