Did I accidentally make a new strain


I had a strawberry kush plant that had one node go herm. I thought I caught it early enough, but a train wreck growing next to it ended up with about 20 seeds. Does this mean it’s a cross between the two?


With seeds from a non-stable plant, the genetics are iffy. I’d watch the grow extra carefully if you decide to use the seeds.


@3high5you I was thinking about growing those outside this Summer. Indoors is strictly medical growing for me and 3 other people. Out of 8 other plants in the room, only one train wreck did that.


The fact that the mother was not the hermie works in your favor. The beans should be alright. If it’s outdoor, you’re not really wasting anything by trying. Good luck! :smiley:


@skgrower to answer your question. Yes, it absolutely is s nee strain. Because one plant fertilized the other, the new seeds become a first year strain. But, since it was a accident I’d watch what @3high5you said. You don’t know how much of each genes went into the seed. Also since it was fertilized from a Hermie, I’m not positive, but you may have fem seeds or auto or whatever. But, I was going to try something like that so please keep me updated


Sounds like you could be on to something wreck and sk mix might be bomb


Yeah, like you’re numb from the wreck but your mind is wide open from the sk


I just wanna see how it looks I bet it would be beautiful in that last 2 weeks