Did i accidentally get photos?

So i have been growning these autos 3 amnesia haze and 3 blueberry, 4 of the plants are in flower already but 2 are still very much in veg, could i have possibly got 2 photos?


Last ones look like preflower, they are turning but autos are like that. They all are on their own clock usually lol


Where do you get your seeds? I’ve heard you need to watch out for poor genetics with autos. All autos have photos in their genes somewhere. I’m not a genetic plant biologist…but you can pick up a recessive gene from your great great great grandpa who had blue eyes, but nobody in any generation since then, except yourself has blue eyes. A lot of growers think they accidentally get photos…and sometimes I’m sure that could be a possibility. But autos will flower when they want. I’m harvesting one tomr…but her sister that was planted on same day just started and has 6 weeks to go. So just cuz one starts flowering doesn’t mean the others aren’t autos. I think most of the time either growers are impatient and just assume it isnt an auto. Or it’s a rare recessive gene thing as I described above. If the autos genetics are not strong, there is a chance your auto will display the photos gene.

Autos have a mind of their own. If it’s been a while, you can try cuing them with a little extra flowering nutes and a couple days of 12/12

Autos are just plants that arent photo sensitive, if you have 10 plants the likelihood of them all flowering at the same time is pretty slim. Expect a couple weeks of difference being normal, especially since you have a couple different strains there.

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thanks, im new to this and its my first time doing so many plants, it is just weird how those 2 are so different, i got them all from this site

Doesn’t matter if you got two seeds from the same bud. They still will probably flower at different times. Kind of like humans go thru puberty at different times. Just because you matured at 14… doesn’t mean your brother will.