Did anyone figure out a safe and effective way to keep spider mites under control. I'm at the beginning and the end of flower

I have a veg tent and it has absolutely 0 spider mites and a flowering tent right next to the veg tent with a lot of spider mights.

I have 9 flowering plants that’s 1 week apart so I can’t really harvest all and sanitize the tent.

I was doing so well keeping an eye out for spots on the leaves and just removing them. But it just got out of control and the next thing I know it I lost control.

Just today I’m trying to raise humidity slowly with alkaline water and a shot of bombay gin when lights are on. Then lower humidity when lights are off.

They say if the environment is like hell then the spider mites won’t want to reproduce and slowly die out.

In veg it’s easy to control but my question is did anyone find a safe way to control spider mites on last week’s of harvest? Or in my situation all the weeks of flower?

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I use peppermint oil. 4 drops, a teaspoon of washing up liquid and 6 ounces of water in a small pump sprayer. The oil is toxic to the mites and kills them. If it’s really bad get the vacuum cleaner out. I have an old Dyson that I use. First time I used it I nearly sucked the plant :man_facepalming: up so I put a hole in the hose and stuck a tube in there to keep it open. It cut the fierce suction right down to a manageable level. I just sat and hoovered the little shits up, sucked the webs off the leaves the lot

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I will try that oil thanks.

They are not too bad but I don’t have trouble finding them also No webbings yet. When I look at them they are not moving much. Turning up my humidity is working I think.

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If your towards the end of flower and increasing the humidity…
Be very careful…
You might introduce mold and start a whole nother issue… :+1:
Are you sure that they are not broad russet mites…
It’s a different kind of might that don’t leave Webb’s and only attacks your buds…
And they are super tinny…
Hard to spot…


Good question. Maybe I have both. When I look closely I can see 2 spots.

I’ve seen a bright red one and killed it. Maybe I shouldn’t kill the bright red one because I just read it might be a predator of spider mites called. Mesoseiulus Longipes

That’s what I’m afraid of when raising humidity is the mold. But if my temperatures are above 30 lights on I think mold won’t grow. Cold and Low humidity when light off i think Its a balance to keep both problems under control.

I’m 1 day into trying this method I hope it works

Thank you for your reply.

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Here’s a close picture of them.


My last harvest i dealt with spider mites due to the plants spending the first 3 months outside before coming inside to a tent to finish out I used Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew sprayed the entire plant down after lights out every 2 days all the way up to the last week of harvest when I realized they where gone yes they do say you can spray buds which I did and got no negative affects from it either I also do a bud wash after I harvest as well before drying over all it took about 2 to 3 weeks of adamant spraying and looking over the girls carefully over all the product worked well and mu buds still came out nice a terpy no chemically taste or smells also they do say you can use all they way up until harvest


Here’s my spider mites for comparison :sunglasses:. @peachfuzz does have a point with the mould. Have close look at your nodes, mine like to gather there




The other best way of getting rid of them are predator bugs imo then once gone or under control use preventive measures to keep them away such as natural essential oils


Both of those look the same…
Holy crap batman…
That is not good…
I would have expected a little less action going on…
That’s alot of action going on in both of these grow’s…
Have you figured out where they are coming from…
Need to find the source…
Shrubs are something around your house… :thinking:


@peachfuzz I made the mistake of going from greenhouse to tent which is guaranteed to carry bugs :man_facepalming:.
That grow has been harvested but the mites persist. I have them under control with a combination of vacuum cleaner then peppermint oil spray. I take a leaf every two or three days from various points in the canopy and inspect. If they’re ok then I spray. If they’re getting out of hand I vacuum :sunglasses:. Its a pain but needs done :wink:


Definitely spider mites mate

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Yep those are spider mites.
Check out Arbico Organics they carry predator mites (meat eaters) that will eat those veggie eaters. That pic should allow them to identify the species you have and can recommend the best predator species also taking into account your environment such as temps and humidity.
They are very knowledgeable. You can look through their web site but I would recommend calling them up to discuss things on the phone


An update on what I’ve tried so far and seems to be working.

I used a diffuser on high at night with baking soda, gin, botanics plant spray and water.
I try to get 100% but can only get humidity at 85%
At cold temperature lights off.
a floor fan on high blowing straight up not hitting any plants.
Exhaust fan on #1 low speed.

In the morning
I turn off diffuser, exhaust fan on high before lights on to bring humidity down.

Just looked today and the big spider mites disappeared or they fell off the plant.

Once it was so easy to find, I am now having trouble to find the big and medium spider mites. I still see newly hatched ones though.

At the end of flowering I was told to do a H2O2 bud bath to wash off the stuff I added in the diffuser and to kill any other eggs and bugs.

Ok well its been a cruel year and YES I FIGURED out how to keep the plants all the way to DECENT… HARVEST great?..now highly stressed and totally nowlt suggested to take the figtht unless u got more space and i dont know hiw u manage to get only in one and not the other u must have dood tents and higly negative pressure cuz soon as mine foubd the veg room waaaay after the flower room and i had bern figgting them for a perpetual just like you got and it was so dushearteneing watching little plants getting slaughted over a few leave i nuked everything i got a couple bug trash can filled em with water and stared doing dunk baths plant only put sticks across top and wrapped in selefane on tops of 5 gal pot (not quite strong enough tape atleast 10 layers it WiLL FALL THROUGH INTO POT. For 45 mins and it would give little repreive nothing else really works besides absence of plants and bleach u need a cool down time i did the drastic nuke right between grows and when i struck back up they they came right back ive been stopped about 5 months and now i struck back up in a remote locagion I think my area that I’m in is just heavily coding with them outside in the dog just keeps bringing them in there’s no other explanation I gave him the seven hellfires pyrethrins spinosus I did pyrethrin bombs Clorox everything acid rain cayenne pepper spray vinegar was quite helpful but once you do the 7 hell’s fires they just come back with steroids and they become super mice and then you’re f***** because then there you start balling up on the end of the leaves even when you’re vacuuming I’m on a daily basis vacuuming does work because it will get them out of there but do not be an idiot and leave a vacuum in the room like I do and they call right back out on to my plants because there’s no way that many could be born in one day every day cuz every day or several times a day really the tips of every freaking leave would be full to the brim with balls and leaves out of vacuum all the webs off 5 hours later they’re back for vegging plants the water dunk Worx good is that like really kills on contact I found out about every one of those remedies by myself on Google cuz I was banned from here for the last year and it’s been a tough one and I’ve had him the entire time I had to stop spent hundreds of dollars trying to kill him they just won’t die only thing I didn’t do which probably of course in my head would have worked would have been the ladybugs and predatory mites as well only bad thing about those the predatory mites are sterile they don’t breed so ain’t no salt shaker where the mites going to take care of the amount of mites I had maybe the ladybugs but didn’t want a swarm of ladybugs in my house cuz I don’t have it then it’s just straight in the bedroom so I decided to just stop and give you the rest cuz I have been going hard for a couple years it was mibd knunbing …unbelievable but i did have 5 shit harvest but i had weed…when u cut wm hang em upside down u can do a pre dry bath that helped to backing soad water h2o2… Gets the loose eggs and dead boddys out that one tasted better but the h2o2 i feel drys the buds out too fast its weird i did it but it wasent fun but all and all i got weed. No body wants which i guess is a blessing cuz id have nothing rught now


That is some incredible journey you have there…

For me, 3 days has passed and I looked over my plants today. I can’t find any living spider mite, just dead bodies and eggs.

2 more day of fogging should kill those newly hatched spider mites if there are any.

It’s morning and I need to make the tent comfortable for spider mites eggs to hatch, then kill’em at night.

After all is done, washed, dried, aged and smoked. I’ll tell my story on how it tastes.


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