Did anyone ask for a capital partner getting started in mmj biz?

Just curious if it would have been easier partnering with a money person.

Our state votes in near future. Law is good for enterprise.

Grow, process, dispensary, security, branding, consulting?

Looking to retire soon. Have land, water, knowledge,business and growing experience, plus connections.

Would your life been easier, faster business growth, for a cut…

Been thru this with an isp business years back. Learned much.

Anyone else been here before? I don’t like to reinvent the wheel.



From the people that I deal with and talk to in that are in California Washington Colorado If you don’t have the revenue a partner would definitely be best for you just be very wary of people I’m not the type to take advantage of but I know a lot that are ! The paperwork the lawyers the permits the buildings the rules there’s a lot that goes into it Not including being able to pass all of each state rigorous test for molds and pesticides


I don’t like partners. I grew up in a family business. My dad had had a
partner. Both worked daily together, but my dad
Was the driving force. Partner coa$ted.

My thoughts of revenue partner was in form of a great banker, different
business mentality and advice.
I drive the bus but can answer to where and how funding is concerned.
Making a bus case for new investment$.

I’m wishing/Thinking older peep. 65ish. Lloan with interest and a small cut
in the profits or if monies are distributed.
Very small cut of business if they can contribute in increase of base

I Hate cash flow worries. There is a price I would pay for correct person.

Don’t need to get started with 1k sqft indoors and many outdoor acres…

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And thanks for responding.


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Not sure where you’re located but I know in my areas you need at least a half a million to get your foot in the door and a full million before you actually even breaking ground… :wink:

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Im not sure if your looking for a partner here or not so ill just say this you cant solicit partners or investors on this forum
If its just for conversation then no worries


The way I’m reading it, it appears as if he’s conflicted on the idea and is looking for more opinions to whether he should or not.

Growing is going to be my retirement, I’m a ways off retirement age but I felt I needed to get started asap. So I own and operate my construction company which pays the bills and sticks money aside for the grow business. I considered going the investor route but quickly dropped that idea after considering the risks.

Risks- more people that know nothing and expect unrealistic returns right away. They think their money entitles them to be in your op at any given time. Constant harassment from your capital partner on how much is riding on this. Basically it’s added stress you don’t need trust me. It would be shattering enough if you failed without oweing some guy money.

My opinion there’s much easier ways of getting the capital up without alerting people to what its for. Think outside the box, it’s what separates the businessman from the employee. I won’t give you the ideas but I can tell you from experience that it can be done.

Now if your looking for a business partner that’s just as invested time, hard work and patients, well that’s a different story all together.

Yep, I’m just asking questions
After researching the subject, I answered my own question. I have would like to finance my operation against my equity and credit. I found company willing to finance with a good credit score, collateral and equity.

I have also found a friend of mine who is a design genius that can build extraction device
This alone makes equity in equipment assets 50-80k.

Don’t want a lot of funds. Just make life easier for the first year. Don’t want wife mad spending money.
Again, much better than giving equity for one year of bankrolling. Don’t mind a guarantee.

I will partner if dispensaries license goes thru. Don’t want to manage day to day employee drama.

I did gather a little advice and direction last week, keeping in the right direction.

Now finalizing strain selections.

Thanks to those who will answer a question or two from new old guys.