Did a dude seed get into my seed collection

Is this a dude lol? Sure looks like he snuck into my seed collection. Luckily I noticed it this morning (sacks weren’t on it last night) so hopefully my 2 girls still have their V cards :grin:.


Yep it’s a bouncing baby boy

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Thanks … I thought so but my girlfriend had me doubting myself so figured I’d get a quick response here! Hope it didn’t pollinate the girls in the 12 hours them sacks developed.

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And welcome to the community.


Yep boy,
And welcome!

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Break out the blue bluntz??

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If the pods haven’t poped ur in luck i would get it out of there quick

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Oh he was bagged & trashed as soon as I was told it was a dude lol. My girl Daizy doesn’t seem to be affected by him so all good! Ty everyone!! :v:

Here’s Daizy :grin::heart:


Yup that is most definitely a dude and he doesn’t look like a lady.