Diatomaceous earth question

So my plants are only seedlings with their 3rd set of leaves. I noticed gnats in the tent today. I’m so upset. Are they too young for me to put diatomaceous earth on the soil? I don’t want them to die as I only have a couple of seeds left. Any help is appreciated.

it won’t hurt them at all, if your soil is wet you might wait a day because it doesn’t work when wet

Okay thank you so much. I watered yesterday but the soil is drying fairly fast. Any other advice on how to get rid of the pests without poisoning my plants.

I only saw one gnat but we all know how that goes. The little bitch probably laid 400,000 eggs today lol.

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I’ve had best results from the diatomaceous just remember it’s not a poison and doesn’t kill on contact it is like a million blades that sticks to their body and takes a couple days to cut through their bodies causing them to bleed out. I keep some on my soil the bottom of my plants like the main stock, stems and even the lower leaves throughout the grow. Also my ol lady gets me those fly streamers the yellow ones she gets a pack of like 6 at the dollar store. I keep 2 or 3 of em hanging in the corners so I don’t stick one to my face every other day lol.
Sometimes have to use other stuff like neem, peroxide, alcohol I hear others talking about a bunch of different over the counter sprays matter of fact ILGM sells some stuff for bugs I don’t know anything about it though. That’s all I can think of now but I’m sure I missed a few other things

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I always go with Mosquito Bits when I see fungus gnats, kills the larvae in the soil, takes care of the problem and is also not a poison. Can also use DE and yellow sticky traps to get the flyers and soil crawlers.

Thank you sir. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I am ordering this today!


Thank you so much. I’m terrified to lose my babies!

You can also cover the top of you plant with a little sand.

That diatomaceous earth with death by a thousand cuts seems like something for a horror show.