Diatomaceous earth on newly sprouted plants

is it harmful to used diatomaceous earth on newly sprouts and seedlings

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If you dome your seedling THEN use it on the soil to treat gnats or some type of infestation
I think it will be ok.


Should be ok. Main thing is if it gets wet its rendered useless so being at a stage where u wanna shoot for a high rH, not sure of its effectiveness. What kinda bugs are u battling? If its fungus gnats I encourage using sticky traps. I’ve only had to use earth once cuz I had ants pretty bad. It curbed them pretty good over about 2 weeks. But for a while they were just avoiding it lol.

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No bugs yet was just thinking on precautionary measure. I just had 3 strawberry kush pop up and trying to head off any problems before they arise first time to grow in 41 years lol things have changed. Thank you


Honestly outside of the ants I’ve never used it ain’t…Well I’m lying, I used it against cabbage worms in my broccoli cauliflower garden but its something u def have to keep applying and my leaves got ate up a good bit nevertheless.

I wanna say if it ain’t broke dont fix it but I’m always tryna upgrade :rofl:. Lots of airflow and the right humidity goes a long way. You got this.

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I would let them be until you get a couple sets of leaves. If they are indoors there probably are no predators present, yet. As mentioned above the RH and frequency of watering will render the DE useless.

Search IPM (Integrated Pest Management) on the net.

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