Diatomaceous earth and fungus gnats

Hey what’s going on my fellow growers? I recently discovered some fungus gnats in my girls! I checked the soil and lo and behold there are larva wiggling around in it! They are white widow autos and I really don’t wanna uproot them to change the soil. I drenched with Neem oil and covered the top layer with a healthy amount of diatomaceous earth. Do I need to place anything else above it like Riverbed stones or anything as a secondary defense?

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I use Mosquito Bits when I have fungus gnats, just sprinkle some on top of the soil (a few bits per sq inch) and water as usual, the BTI in it kills the gnat larvae, breaks the life cycle. Can also use yellow sticky traps (keep low near the pots) to get the flyers.


OK cool I appreciate it! I’ll have to look those up I’m not sure what they are LOL but I do have a yellow sticky trap hanging in there with the girls it’s like a tube

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Is it safe for the girls? No trace elements in the final bud?

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Yes, totally safe, it’s just corn cob granules covered in BTI, here’s some info on BTI:

Does Bti pose health risks to humans ? No. Bti has no toxicity to people and is approved for use for pest control in organic farming operations. It has been well tested by many studies on acute toxicity and pathogenicity (ability to cause disease) for Bacillus thuringiensis including studies specifically on Bti .


I use that in my pond to keep the skeeters down. Kills the larvae. My ducks and chickens don’t won’t eat it.

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Sns203 (clove oil , rose Mary oil glycerin) will clean up your soil organically … re enter with a recharge after a water ibvetween

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That’s awesome! I really appreciate all the help and advice!