Diary of a first time grower

This forum has been a wealth of knowledge so before I even say ‘Hi’ I want to say thank you. I’m slightly nervous about posting as a lot of the information in these posts goes completely over my head but excitement trumped my nervousness and here I am.

So, Hi all! I’m finally posting as I’m an Aussie grower and obviously have to keep my new hobby hush, hush with friends. So who better to chat to than you all?

I’ve wanted to grow for years but the ex wouldn’t let me (slightly understandable :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) so the ex is gone and the plants are in.

I’m on a bit of a trial and error journey to be honest. I can grow a killer tomato tree in the veggie patch and naively thought it’d be the same. I’ve quickly learnt to stop over watering. I think I did have my light too close to my seedlings for a while. Killed the germination process with the papertowel method so a medal for me there. :smirk::wink:

My first germinated seed was planted on the 18th of March. And I planted 3 more 2 days ago. 6 little ladies in progress now.

I am growing indoors and purchased a grow tent setup. I am a serial hobbiest and thought to myself ‘Don’t go overboard’ but am already regretting getting such a small tent (70cm x 70cm). Might just have to get another one. Who knows??

The nerd in me has just named my first 3 ladies for record keeping purposes. Say hello to Bertha, Ethel and Gladys!

My youngest 3 are yet to be named. :thinking:

Bertha is a Strawberry Banana Auto in Organic Mix - 10% perlite.

Ethel is also a SBA in normal premiun mix - 10% perlite.

I’m assuming Bertha has a better start in organic but I had the mix and wanted to test the difference

Gladys is a Gorilla Glue in Organic Mix - 10% perlite. These were ‘free seeds’ so GG is all I know. From my research there are different strains? No idea but she’s in. Gladys stopped growing pretty early. Given she’s 13 days old I would have expected her to be a lot bigger by now but there’s where my trial and error kicks in.

My 3 youngest unnamed are also the GG seeds. I’ve completely changed my process with growing these girls. My first 3 were grown in the little ‘cardboard’ pots while (after reading this forum non-stop for 2 weeks) are being started in solo cups with humidity domes as a lot of you have suggested.

I am just so fricking excited. I’m obsessed. Hanging out for my first harvest. I just can’t wait!

Well, sorry about the novel. Thanks again for all the awesome information so far and I look forward to chatting with you all! :australia:


WELCOME @SheBud Geez you’re new and Ive been here two seasons and have yet to do a journal…I lag so much!! Ive been talking about doing a few but never got around to it ! Good Job!!
.and yes It is SO much fun to grow…the whole process from picking the seeds to harvest etc. It is VERY obsessive I agree!! someone on here once wrote…“Warning cannabis cultivation can be habit forming” :laughing: and I agree…Keep us posted on the Journal !


I may or may not have slight OCD tendanicies hence the journal. :crazy_face: Overall it’s record keeping for myself but mostly it’s a tool for sharing my obsession. Thanks for the comment and I will most certainly keep you up to date. :ok_hand:


Where are you going with six? Your excitement may have gotten the best of you or you knew deep down you wanted another tent. A tent in the range of 120 X 120 x 210 cm. The large one can handle 4 or 5 and 1 or 2 in the small tent. I have a 90x90x210 tent and can grow 4 photoperiod plants in it that are extensively trained. Right now I have only one in it and very much enjoying the space.

One thing I always recommend to first time growers - just a few plants, all the same strain, and the same medium. This helps minimize variables and simplifies problem resolution. Lighting is the most important tool in indoor growing. Having followed the forum you know what I am talking about. Do not undersize (watts, PPFD, & footprint) of the lights.

Good luck


Why 6? I have self control issues. :rofl::rofl: No, I think I jumped the gun and just got waaay too excited. Not surprising for those who know me. My first 3 started yellowing slightly and stopped growing. Stupidly I dropped 3 more (not even sure why I done 3) before I researched. That’s when I figured I was just over watering. I’m not sure how they will go but I’m planning to put a few outside if they all survive. Doesn’t get too cold here at night (we’ve just gone into autumn) and with the week or so that we do get a light frost during winter I’ll bring them inside. See how they go I guess. But yes, I think a second tent is on the cards now. :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lighting is definitely the next thing I have to get my head around. Just going through a stack of posts now. Thanks so much for your advice. I really appreciate it. :pray:

I did the same my first grow. I ended up with nine. They were all autos so they went where ever I could hang a light.


Ha ha… glad to know I’m not the only one. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Welcome aboard. If feel tight on room grow those 6 straight up. Smaller footprint. They will still produce well and room wont be as much of an issue. Just my thoughts.

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That’s a great idea but I am growing in 5 gallon grow bags. They won’t fit. 4 max. 3 gallon might have made it. I’ll start looking into it. Thanks heaps!

Welcome! I’m fairly new here too. The folks above have helped me a bunch too. They know their stuff.
The only thing I have to add is, yes. Light is a thing for these plants. That’s coming from a veggie gardener too.
If you’re in the market for a new/another light, I’ll recommend Horticulture Lightning Group (HGL).
Good luck with your grow!


Welcome to the forum
Good luck with your grow
Looking at the pictures the soil looks very wet and will probably take weeks to dry in those 5-gallon bags just be careful you don’t want to love them to their death

Welcome to the forum! I’ll follow along. Good luck!

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Welcome! Good looking setup :slight_smile:

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Welcome… good luck on your first go around

We’re glad you got rid of your partner now we have a new growmie :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
We don’t like people telling us what to do around here :grin::grin::grin:


Thank you and thank you @spankyjr1 ! :hugs: Yes, I agree. Those photos were taken straight after transplant and they had just been watered. I left the little ‘cardboard’ pots to dry out for a couple of days prior and from here on in will only water a ring around the pot as others have suggested. The bags were still fairly light after I watered so I’m hoping it soaks down quickly but I have no plans of watering any time soon. They still look wet this morning.


Ha ha ha… me either @BigItch . Looks like I should fit in well then. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Welcome to the forum My grandmother’s name is Gladys She died in 1984 I have a houseplant that came from her thats still alive its been cloned tuns of times. It’s name is Gladys.


I cant even remember what kind of plant it is.
Again welcome to the ILGM forum the best source of growing info on the internet


Oh wow @plumbdand Great memory and keepsake to have!

Yes, I haven’t found a better source out there. I am loving the kindness of this community and the knowledge is second to none!!! :hugs: