Dialing it in with Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, & Jack's 321 Nutrients

Hey so yup I think the one @peachfuzz mentioned is the one that got dropped to me today. If u hit that link u can grab a bigger size than the one in the picture. It was like 45 bucks.


Is there a reason for not getting the 2x4 stones?

These are by far the best airstones I have ever used. Have not plugged up yet. Usually the cylinders plug. These haven’t.

It’s a screen shot , cant figure getting link.

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These are the girls now


You will find that the 2x4 air stones suck…
Even tho they have a bigger surface area , unless you run a huge air pump , it won’t push out bubbles threw out the hole stone…
Basically they put out less bubbles…
@neofirebird just ran into this same issue…
The 2x4’s did not work out for him…


I think they did ok for me the first grow. This grow not as much at all. Big difference. I think I have read, lack of air will cause airy buds.
What do you think? Any truth to that? :thinking:

@BetrayedSoul thanks a million brother. I always appreciate you sharing.
Thanks for sticking around. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


More bubbles = better all a round health in general , which will lead to big beautiful plants and fat bud’s…
I would imagine that the 2x2 round stones would be good as well , I just don’t have any , so I can’t really say…
But I can say that the ones that I have , I’ve never had any issues with them and they are super easy to clean…


@HappyHydroGrower only time I ever had airy buds was from lack of light. Which is why I run 3 hlg lights and always trim after start of flower to let light penetrate best.
It’s possible lower air in water might effect it some but in my experience a healthy plant only grows solid buds with a solid light setup.
Low air in water would more likely cause root rot or drowning symptoms like droopy leaves all the time.

Just what I have observed in my few grows I have completed.


Hey brother I appreciate that. I have actually read that both lights and air is two main factors in producing dense buds. I have been trying to dial in my qb light. I have been getting a lot of foxtailing by 4 weeks of first bud site.
I had a bad problem with it early on this time and can’t seem to find a sweet spot with it. I cut it back and dimmed it some but maybe I did too much. We have contemplated on getting a different light for that reason. :thinking::thinking:

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I had that issue two grows ago when upgrading lights. Wound up dialing back for a few runs and that worked out well. I calculate an additional 3-5 inch worth of growth from the end of stretch to compensate for growth in buds. Maybe that will help.

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@dbrn32 @Hellraiser
So, if I were to by a new light, I’ve been reading and looking at 3 diff. lights.
Grow foot print is 3’ x 5’ max. (maybe a little less than 5’)

HLG 350R
Growcraft x2 330
Growcraft x3 330

Can I get y’all’s thoughts or advise?
Also, is there a way to diy to make it a little less expensive? Do you know of any discount codes?

Thanks a million! :v: :+1: :sunglasses:


HLG 350R $549.
Growcraft x2 330 $499.
Growcraft x3 330 w/code $550.


I’m really digging the growcraft lights. If we’re me I would probably get the x3 330 over x2 for added efficiency and coverage. Hlg-350r is about right there too. I don’t think you could go wrong either way.

Fwiw, you could probably find discount code for hlg light too.

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Also I plugged that 950 pump in yesterday and all I could literally say was oh hell yes! :rofl:


@dbrn32 ok, so I’m thinking about the possibility of two plants at two different heights, hence, considering

2 of the hlg 135 rspec
2 of the growcraft x3 mini’s

Out of the options talked about above and here, would the room temps be higher with the two drivers vs one of the bigger lights?

Also, would trying to run one light with two plants at different heights cause an issue?

Or, would I be better off with the two lights?

What say your advise?? Thanks! :v::sunglasses:

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Well, two 135 kits is going to be about the same price as one x3 mini. So I would think spending double on two of the x3 mini’s wouldn’t be as attractive. But it’s quite a bit bigger than 135 kit, so spend more to get more is okay as long as that is the decision you’re making.

More watts in the tent is going to bring more heat. If all is equal i don’t really see two drivers being much different than one. The difference would come from the additional power.

How badly to you want multi fixture capabilities? If this is a top priority, then you have to make the decision to drop light output and save some money, or things will get a little spendy. To naked eye the 135 kits look like you end up similar to 350r. But 350r is roughly 900 umols/s and a 135 kit is roughly 300 umols/s. In reality its about 3 135 kits to equal output of 350r or x3 330. Which would still be less than two x3 mini’s, but also more power in the tent due to lower efficiency.

Two 135 kits may provide you with good enough results too. I just wanted to provide you with fair comparison of how each stacks up.

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Ok, so I’m reading the two x3 mini’s would be the best choice? But more heat?

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It would be the most light out of options that have been tossing around here. But yes, also more heat.

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Thank you so much for your time and help!!

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Could maybe look at building, im guessing coat of led stuff is probably up too though.

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