Dialing it in with Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, & Jack's 321 Nutrients

Nah. In my opinion u just need to give it some time then drop your humidity based on how u like your bud to burn. When I chop I usually have the loud smell during the drying phase then lose it for several weeks as im curing in jars. My curing goes about 21 days 62% - 67%. So with the 69s I can get to 67…take the boveda out altogether and as I’m burping daily the hum is slowly lowering over time. If I go under 62 I pop the boveda back in and repeat til I’m ready to smoke. Then I remove boveda altogether. Long term ifvmy buds ever get super dry I just pop it back in. I came out my bedroom with a nug in hand, and 15 seconds later someone about 30 feet from me was like daaaaaamm. :joy: idk if that’s good or not but its low maintenance cus I’m constantly in my jar anyway ya dig it :sunglasses::muscle:t4::fist:t5:


To me the 62% boveda bring the nuggets back to moist after air drying slowly for like 6 - 10 days with supplemental Co2 , the clear and milky I only air dried and cured with 62% and it smokes really good. .

Now I did get cola as big as a febreeze air freshener cam, about 12 I think and they were nice heavy dense wet weight buds and good dry weight to once they cured out.
I think it’s one of my Led light panels that makes my bud super resinous , but I really believe it’s the XTE 200 watt Advanced Led Light I have that helps Advance those characteristics in a plants profile to stand out more , cause back when I bought the lights , they had a all blue spectrum XTE 300 you ran with the DS XML 350 and that as one of those harvest that stands out all by itself in weight , looks , quality , and we noticed in that harvest with adding the 2 blue lights panels the bud we were able to extract the biggest numbers in oil we had seen in like 5 harvest , the resin look like molasses it was the stickiest, oiliness, bud I had ever grown to date at that time , it would be all on your lips , your fingers , clog up bongs, I put some of mines back through drying and curing with a extended time .


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It’s all about the smell for most folks, some growers swear by the nutrients , are the Coco or Hydro ?
Remember Sipping on Gin N Juice , the who ok e world want California weed, Indo , Doesjah, and in every hood it was a type of weed , due to lack of knowledge, ignorance , I had so many altercations behind that term Endo, Doiejah, I tried to learnt them something even back then you see , cause if you was not connected you was not respected back than, period . But I cannot remember my exact methods in the early beginning rookie days , wait which I’m still a rookie, for the record let’s be clear , I get lucky at raising plants cause I learn I cannot make them grow , I must wait until they grow to me , not for me okay. The broom !!@>

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Medium and color spectrum are contributing factors to really pulling quality terps out tho. I’m quickly learning that it’s never a dichotomy - it’s never black and white on why things work or dont ya know. What I can say is that I’ve personally experienced louder bud when I had lights with more blue in the spectrum and with soil vs anything else. So why make the jump to far red and other mediums? Rate of growth, style of growth (node stacking) and YIELD. More blue…better smells. More red…higher yield.

When I first started growing I was making supersoil and running blurps with JUST blue light on because my plants were hating the red spectrum in the crappy lights. Though yields were SMALL that weed was smelling through my mason jars and danking up my house. I’ve not had weed that loud since I jumped to coco and now to dwc. But still got some fire terps getting brewed over here.

Yeah man the 62s are good imo. But let’s talk about something easily overlooked with bovedas… the SIZE. The ones I had that lasted over 3 years they were the 4oz packs which are huge… about the size of the Mason jar itself. U get less of these but I think they’re better because they cover the whole side of the jar and moisturize the buds more evenly imo. Then u can take them out. No bs i still have one left! Long term when my buds are drying back up I plop the small ones in at 65 or 62 off and on.
So size of bovedas should also be considered but like you know how people just leave them in to cure their buds? I dont do that and I dont reccomend it. I think you do lose smell cuz it kicks back into breaking down elements and probably your terps even though I dont have anything to support that. But I also know that when you do take them out and the bud dries again you get some smell back. In my perfect world…3 week cure 62-67% then stabilizing jars at like 58% (which I think they have packs for this) would be optimal but I’m cheap and ain’t gonna buy 3 different types when I go through a jar in a few weeks lol. Easier to just let it lower itself over time imo. Sorry for the book I just wrote.

YEARS later still going strong.


How long you leave bud in this micro Minnesota can I thought would whole at least an ounce compared to picture and price , and it shows up in the mail with a 62% pack with it , so my theory is you let the bud hang dry for a minimum of 15 days , regardless if it dries in 6 right , now the smell is gone , but supposedly to come back after a slow cured is where I’m getting confused at , so once bud hangs for a solid two weeks , place buds in the jar for up to 30-60 days is what I’m reading :books:, now do you burping that whole time :timer_clock:, are just leave the jars closed with boveda pack in it , are you leave boveda pack in jar with lid open for 30 day are closed for 30 days .


I just got the boveda packs. You hang the plant till the branch snap and then put all nugs in mason jar add boveda pack and burp everyday twice a day and in a about 10 days or so it’s done and you leave the packs in the jar until it needs to be changed

If you read on the boveda site it says bud shouldn’t smell a lot when you do get that heavy nose hit it is actually the tricombs dying

If the buds are over dried just pop em in there til you get the moisture back. This is why I like to get 65s or 69s. If your bud is over dried and u pop a 62 you might get it to 62, 60, 58…if you pop in a 69 you can get higher percentages.

Like, I do the snap test jar it up. If my hum creeps over 65 I burp or even leave my lids off. If I’m in between 62-65 I keep everything sealed with brief burps daily or so. If I start creeping like ima go under 62, I either put in my 62 bovedas or better to maintain the range. If my buds are more dry than normal and come in under 62 I bring em up by any means necessary and same deal. That’s usually looks like hang>too dry>loss of smell>boveda>in range>dank smell returns.

If your buds are over dried throw the boveda in the can sealed up and pop it like twice a week. And leave the boveda in there for 3 weeks or so. Then remove it imo.


Sorry…Hope that makes sense my phone is tripping rn

Little over 9 weeks since first flower.

Trics are still mostly cloudy with very few clear left.
Patience appears to be paying off. They keep getting fatter and fatter.


Excellent work my friend


Looking gorgeous my friend!


Thats awesome!!!