Diagnosis please


Can someone help me with a diagnosis on this plant? I’ve only used alfalfa meal and earthworm castings for the first two months. It was in a 5gallon bucket up until 3 days ago. It started yellowing and I noticed the roots had outgrown the bucket, hence the transplant. Used cal mag yesterday but still no change. In fact the yellowing on the bottom has turned into spotting on the upper leaves now. At first I thought maybe I used too much alfalfa meal but since the transplant, I haven’t used ANYTHING. Anyone have an opinion?



Wait a couple days to see if the calmag does anything.
You might have to feed with something a bit stronger. Are you using amended soil?




After 2 months I would suspect you would need to start using some kind of organic nutrients to feed with, or top dress with something a bit stronger.


That plant looks hungry. Whether from a lockout or consumed it’s nutes, only a slurry test will tell. Have you been feeding this plant? When you water, do you use 6.5 PH as your target?


Was only feeding with earthworm castings and alfalfa meal. Topdressing with it.


Never used nutes. Could it get lockout from alfalfa meal?


My water is always at 6.5 @Myfriendis410


I topdressed only once though. That was almost a month ago. I used 8 tablespoons alfalfa meal and a cup of earthworm castings. It doesn’t give instructions on the alfalfa meal on how often to use it. So I figured it would be a one time deal. I have some Peters 20-20-20 and some Better Gro 20-14-13. Should I use one of those or maybe another large dose of alfalfa and castings?


I have a tds meter. How do I do a slurry test? @Aolelon


Also it should be noted that when I transplanted a couple days ago, I placed the whole root ball and soil into about a 10 gal grow hole. Added an additional 5gal of fresh soil. It was the same soil I used in the bucket but fresh out of the bag.


Funny, I just seen this same plant, same question in a new thread that had popped up in the new category. Had I known you already had a thread asking the same thing, I wouldn’t have answered. This is the shit I’m talking about people, you already have a thread going, keep your questions there instead of asking again and again…


Sorry @HornHead , kinda new. Wasn’t getting any responses so I thought this thread may have fallen by the wayside. Won’t happen again. Just don’t wanna lose my plant. Only one I got for this growing season.


Hey drillbit don’t sweat the double post too much, I can tell you sometimes it takes a cpl days to get several responses, I’ve found it beneficial to find some growers with several years and grows under there belt to follow along your grow and then you can tag them to your immediate situations for a quicker response, also you can search your problems on here and see post of the exact same problems from past grow which might answer your question,I also find alot of help on YouTube vids.
Good luck and keep growing happy.
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Thanks @Randy1966


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