Diagnosis please.. underwatered? Overwatered? Nutrient deficiency?

Re-vegging a Flowering clone , cut on 8/18 ,soil is Happy Frog, nutrients are GH Flora Series, 7 gallon fabric pot transplanted 6 days ago… 24" from a Cmh 315watt Lamp


This is the clone you cut late in flower? If so a dome wouldn’t hurt to keep humidity up. Clones need higher temp and humidity than seedlings.


Might back off the nutes for a week. Other than that…she looks good. It takes a while for a plant to recover.

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Right on im just gonna let it do its thing… Thanks i appreciate your help

Definitely back off on nutrients for now let it reestablish her self in new home
If you wanted you can foliar feed her once a wewk untill she is fully recovered
Meaning normal leaf growth
It takes a while especially when you take a cutting in flower can be up to 4 weeks before they look normal also its a stressful time a dome would be beneficial at least his stage as well clones like a higher humidity level

This was given to me by @garrigan62 a while back so here you go

Clones humidity level

Growth Week 1: 70%

Growth Week 2: 70%

Flowering Week 1: 65%

Flowering Week 2: 60%

Flowering Week 3: 55%

Flowering Week 4: 50%

Flowering Week 5: 50%

Flowering Week 6: 45%

Flowering Week 7: 45%

Flowering Week 8: 40%

Flowering Week 9: 40%

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My three white widows are in the beginning stages of doing the leaf curling down right now. I have one theory that is most logical for mine, and I’m trying to sort out now. I felt forced to transplants a very young sprouted plant I to 3 gallon containers. I followed every precaution I could, and for well over a week. They were looking great! Watering felt ok etc. 3 gallon pot, and less than week old plant sucked, but I only watered where I should of. Problem for me anyways. The middle of the smart pots and down formed some sort of dried pellet. I’m rehydrating the whole lot, so the soil look moist drains well again for the plant to start getting water through the whole smart pot now. For my three. This is my theory, and when pushing into the side of smart pots, I could feel the soil breaking apart from being dry, bad! My another reason for this theory for my plants at least. Is my moisture meter was used extensively before watering, but I start noticing it read dry on one side of the pot, and wet on the other side of the pot, so the drainage was bad for being in a fabric smart pot. Apologies for being so long, but just sharing what my theory is for my plants starting to go that way, but really early into it. Check the picture and look at the 3 finger leaf, and let me know if this might be the same as what yours started out as, and maybe check your pots drainage. I’m a complete noob, but this is just my theory for me. That might help you. Good luck mate!