Diagnosis or observations?

This is my first outdoor grow although I am a seasoned gardener of other flowers. I am in San Diego. It’s growing very well besides this spot. I added calcium the day before this spot showed up. I’m growing in a grow bag. Plant looks healthy other than these little spots. Only occurred on a couple small ones ( on the same side of the plant). Any thoughts? Thanks everyone!

First welcome to the community beautiful healthy plants.

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Looking ok to me pretty healthy

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Yea man, outside is night and day compared to inside, those white non photosynthetic spots look like chemical burns, like bleach. The fat fan leaf in your hand could be from natural leaf abscission from lower light hours, the fans are first to go, however, the leaves should turn yellow evenly when the plant’s doing it on it’s own, transporting mobile nutrients where they’re needed most (the bud). In the picture above I don’t see any buds, so I’m guessing slight nutrient imbalance, perhaps K, among others. With low K the leaves appear dry without sheen, and the stems grow thin.

I found it’s a battle using soil over chemicals, the soil tends to lock nutrients in it and act like a buffer calling for stronger solutions and stringent pH monitoring and adjusting when necessary.

The biggest mistake I make is discounting sunlight’s intensity, the leaves are pale compared to indoors, it made me refocus on health over color, my plants are as green as my grass and they’re 21 days into flowering loaded with bud. It’s because I fed them when they needed it without overcharging the salts uptake.

As and indoor soil-less guy, I found it’s harder to feed outdoors, they absorb more and a portion of the mix goes to the soil gods. I use my hydro mix at double strength then water as necessary. Using my hydro mix at indoor PPM the plants will starve to death even if I fed them food with every watering.

It’s like an old 4 barrel carburetor, floor it and they get overloaded and stall, step on the gas peddle with anticipation and controlling engine vacuum feeding it just right and they light up getting thick fat and healthy! CAUTION: I’m not responsible for blowing engines in this race for excellence! I have a few wrecks under my belt!