Devils lettuce cupcakes

Start with one devils food cake mix. Replace oil with cannabutter. Cook as instructed. I had a bit left in the jar, so i melted my tiny bits. Poked the cupcakes as they were still warm. And poured the remaining melted cannabutter ontop of the cupcakes. I had to taste test the runt, and these are a sure fire winner.


I want one. :tired_face:


I was also making a new batch of butter, and kinda needed the empty jar to put this batch in. Decided to use the ok but not so tasty flower from my last plant that came down. Hopefully i get a good turn out. I adjusted a couple of the things a do differently for this batch of butter. Fingers crossed


Ohh geez those sound as strong as the 1st batch of cannacookies i made where 3 cookies made you stoned for 2 days straight

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