Device to measure water level

A question from a fellow grower:

do you happen to have a device that you stick in the soil where the weed is growing and tells if it has the right amount of water or if it needs more or less , if not you know what would it be called ?

It’s a soil reader that measure light , wetness ,& Ph , it has 2 long prongs that sticks into the soil , it’s not the most accurate after used if the prongs are not keep clean .

What’s that devices name

Why not learn how to tell by feel or if in a bucket how much it weighs.
I have seen people use them and mess up also, they are not really reliable.
My dad made a mess of our garden he got ph way off. The ph part was not working.
Good luck on grow.

Look into our Buying guide at the bottom of the forum. We have links to the appropriate tools you need. All you need to do si search for soil PH dampness meter. If you go to Bigbox mart garden center, they will have a soil tester for approx. 15 bucks