Determining yield

Attached are a few pics of GG4, first time grower and poster. My question is, these plants are at 30 days into flowering and I’m curious if this is typical bud growth or is it lacking for being at 8 weeks? Any input would be good, thanks.

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How much light do you have on the. Wattage, hps,led,cmh?

I have them under two 4,500 LED. I added a high intensity red LED when they started flowering. 18/6 during veg and obviously now 12/12

4500w? What kind. How high above canopy

I have plants approximately same age …going to be watching …if you don’t mind

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4,500 lumens. 40 watt in a four foot strip. The tallest four footer is about 10 inches away and the others are a couple feet away

That’s nowhere near enough. You need to move what you have closer. Do you have any $ to spend?

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It’s my first grow so I didn’t go all out how much light should I have? Will getting more light or moving it closer help at this point?

I can adjust the light closer right away. I was on the fence about getting more light when I first started so I only have he two lights in a 5X5. Is there any way to figure how much light it needed?

For inexpensive Chinese leds you need about 50 actual watts/sq ft. So in a 5’x5’ tent, if you’re using the whole space you’d need about 1250 watts (at the wall, not what they market them as comparable to).

How many plants are you growing?

I have five in flowering that turned female. One turned male. I’m growing GG4 and they seemed fine with the light I had. It makes sense though that they aren’t as full or that tall except one of them. The lights I have are two four ft led lights that run 4,500 lumens. I have seen so much back and forth on watts versus lumens that I literally picked one and went with that lol. The prices on the lights are crazy high so I tried to go as cheap as I could. However, my next grow I will be changing a few things. Will needing the light up at this point be too late?

I will have to check the boxes to see what they are at the wall.

You can veg with minimal light, (I say “can”, More is better). You need LOTS of light to produce big dense buds. That’s when you need the 50w/sq ft.


Plants dont need much light during veg to grow, its during flower that they eat up tons of light levels, and any lack of light will show up in yield with airy, wispy buds.


Light is really one of the things that, if you’re really thinking of becoming a grower, you just kind of need to buy a light that’s worth it up front and maybe eat the cost, and it will save you in the long run.
Or you can buy smaller lighting at first, and start small with only 1 or 2 plants. And accumulate more light as money develops.

LED lights are pretty expensive up front, compared to HID lighting. Will cost less in cooling and electricity in the long run.
You could opt for a 1000w HPS in that area or 2 315w LEC, if you are able to control the heat, for a couple hundred dollars. Will cost a bit more in electricity and cooling in the long run.


I agree with the others, 5x5 anywhere near full requires a lot of light to flower.

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1800 watts, 18" away, gg4, week nine. Harvest week.

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I’m pretty surprised they’re doing as well as they’re doing with such little light.

The first picture is probably what’s considered typical bud spacing if you have barely adequate lights like the Chinese Amazon light it’s under.

The second is under a 400watt light I built. The buds are going to be much bigger and spaced tightly. Both plants are 15 days into flower although I "cheat’ and go 16/8 a week, 14/10 a week and then flip to 12/12 so my plants are in the flowering stage when I go to 12/12. The title of your thread is determining yield. I was getting such low yields with crappy lighting that I knew I had to do something different @Anonyboii


If you choose to spend $$ up front. For about 400-500$ @dbrn32 can help build you a nice light. If you don’t have a lot of $ up front, go get two of the 315w cmh vivosun lights. They put off a bit of heat so you’ll have to cool the grow area

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Not for me it ain’t. I need to see a lot more red before I’m taking those beauties.