Determining sex

Day 7 of flowering 12/12 my test plants looks like I got a male and female I have them in same room for dark period…my question is how long can they stay together during dark period before the male pollen reaches the male…don’t plan on doing away with male cause this is my first grow and want to complete the whole process

Better pics in determining sex

Iceberg you had a boy and girl congrats…lol
Once you see the sacks open its over for the female.she will have seeds
If you go that route she will put a lot of her energy into making seeds and not potent bud.


Thks Will.looking for different closet to separate them like I said this my first grow and want to see whole process…so don’t want to throw him away…
So times when I brought weed in the street and it was full of seeds that was from a male harvest plant

Or it was a female plant that was pollinated and full of seeds


No more of that got my seeds from you guys now…lol will never buy another bag again


Males do not make the seeds, just like males in animals don’t make the baby or eggs. The males just make the pollen, this pollen has to get on the female buds/flowers to then get seeds in your female buds. The males do not make buds or anything really worth smoking, they won’t bulk up like the females, those little pouches/balls will just eventually open up and spill their contents of a yellow powder, the pollen. This pollen can be collected and stored dry to use at a later date and use it to dust a few selected buds on a female plant if you want those buds to make seeds.

What a same plant grew to 47" the female @ 42" did learn from it and enjoy watching it’s progress take a look at my OG kush thks so much learning so much from this site