Determining sex please

Could someone please identify if this is female or male or too early? Thank you! Uploading: B26B4B08-418A-47F9-BA99-D886C54CDA54.jpeg… Uploading: 65273C59-7214-4A38-80A7-0F84A69EA1FC.jpeg…

Picture not showing, try again

Hopefully this one works. Thank you

The photo is good, but the plant is no yet showing
Try a few internodes down from the top

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Worked and I believe too early to tell. Definitely no signs of being male.

That could be ball sack forming in that most recent picture. Kinda hard to tell with the picture and it just forming.


Thank you for your help!

i hope not!! I appreciate the help !

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Here’s hoping with you! It will be very easy to tell as it develops. Think you prob too early to be sure.

You should know within a week or so. Dont worry, even if the plant is a dude it will give you time to remove it before it detonates!


Just pray u don’t see this.