Determining sex for Durban Poison more difficult?

Okay, so I have been growing durban poison regular seeds I had ordered from here, and yeah, I have been vegging them for a very long time, for like four months, I’ve had health troubles, work, etc, keeping me busy, but I am having a real problem determining which ones are female,…I am sort of sure that two, possibly a third are female, the others not so sure, …well, early on I had one that grew so fast and it has male features that I am very sure it is indeed male. I am beginning to think that maybe when they preflower and show the little white hairs that if I didn’t see them early on that maybe they sort of look like a male later,…unsure. Gosh, this is so stupid, I have books, and looking them over, and only one, maybe two have what look like little roundish balls with a stem denoting male.

I think my question is if that durban poison being pure sativa is more difficult to spot male or female? I think this is the stupidist thing I have done so far concerning growing pot, errrrr, well, maybe not the worste, after all, I have not killed a plant yet by overwatering or over fertilzing. Then I have a two year old formerly stunted white widow female "bush"I took a couple clones off of that needs not only trimming but flowering once and for all, I sure would hate to make accidently a white widow/durban poison cross if I had durban males and flowered all the “suspected females” together in one tent!

Any pictures?

Yeah, I’ll have to do some pictures of the nodes where female hairs or mail ball like features are usually outwardly present. I suppose, maybe that its possible I have at least eight out of ten regular seeds that are male, and the two that are definitely female aren’t or were never really strong plants, actually both look weak, which was making me think that pure sativa is maybe hard to show female traits, …but yeah, I was too tired this morning to photo, I had all of them out on the bench and I still can’t believe I am either stupid or there is something I am missing. I have been okay with my smaller grow space doing females, but with regular, wow, I almost need a grow room inside the home instead of just in the shed, that way I could flower, and if they turned male, there would be no danger of seeding out all my grow…PICS as soon as possible.

AS an update, pics won’t be necessary,…I swear only in the last week I was able to determine sex for at least two Durbans, out of the ten,…one I always knew was a male due to its fast rapid growth,…BUT, I saw some little female white fuzzy hairs on the two, and I have cloned the heck out of them in my clone king, I still worry I might be wrong about seven others so I haven’t removed most(I need at least one male or two for my seed making experience I want to do),…and ya know, like I said, these plants, all of them, are four months old, overgrown in their pots and everywhere else. I suppose I have a total eight males,…oh well so swell, I blame myself for potting them all in large pots and using all sorts of soil, I have health issues and work issues, couldn’t early determine, …somehow. On another point, I cloned the hell out of my two gold leaf I also bought from here and had stunted slightly for some reason, so I’ll have like about eighteen clones from those, …I hadn’t trimmed them at all, so I had alot of branches,…who knows if all clones will make it of course,…I get sloppy sometimes making clones, like not changing the water enough or on time, I even bought me another 36 spot Clone King,…just in case my old one ever breaks down in the middle of a cloning run. *****This was my first experience in growing “regular seeds”, the durban poison, and I have learned alot,…next time I can find ways of saving money and determining sex early on in smaller pots, …using less soil, taking less time,…I am pretty much still a novice with only minimal experience.