Desk lamp LED vs ceiling cfl?

Hi all,

For right now I’ve been using a ceiling fixed cfl bulb (the 3-4 foot long kind), but was thinking of switching to a more adjustable desk lamp…

Stats for the CFL on the ceiling are 32W, 4100k.
Stats for the LED in the lamp are 9W, 5000k.
I’ve also considered getting a stronger cfl bulb for the desk lamp, but am wary of fire concerns.
This is just a temporary set-up, in about two weeks they’ll be growing under a legit HPS setup, but until then… does anyone have any thoughts?

i will tag @dbrn32 he is the person for this question, he’s hepled me with my lighting questions.


How’s your growth under current lamp? It will probably slow under lower power and possibly stretch. If it’s for 2 weeks, I’d probably just keep how you have it.

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Yeah, you’re right. Growth under current conditions is pretty good, compared to sunlight in the window the ceiling cfl is causing substantially better growth. The plants are loving it!
Makes sense though, for just two weeks, may as well keep things the same.

Thanks @daddydays @dbrn32!