Desk fan vs exhaust fan

Is there a difference between a 6in desk fan and a 6in exhaust fan as far as cfm. Im using a desk fan as an exhaust fan in my tent i seem to have good negative pressure sides sucked in real good and i can feel the intake drawing air. I was wondering if the shape of the fan blades moved more air on a fan made for grow tent.I have the desk fan in the exhaust “sock” sucking air out top of tent.

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My 6 inch fan has a speed adjuster on it to adjust it from zero to 480 CFM. If it works for you then thats great. Do you have a vent open at the bottom to allow air in?

Is the smell when they go into flowering going to be an issue?

If so you will need the inline fan and filter.


Until they start flowering the fans are only for air circulation

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