Designing a DIY RDWC with Built-in Chiller


Bigger reservoir only means that we get to change out the water every 2 weeks compared to every week. That’s the only advantage of a bigger reservoir and it’s for the person growing who benefits from this, not the plants. A reservoir does help help the plant health though by making it easier to check pH, temps, and ppms more easily.


The reservoir DEFINITELY makes it easier on me, and therefore is beneficial to the plants. I use to hate having to check every bucket and change them every week. Now I just take a little out of the reservoir and check ph and ppm daily, no problem. And after a couple of weeks, turn a ball valve and drain everything, then refill and add nutes. All while sitting in a chair in front of my reservoir.


I too am contemplating building an RDWC system for my grow space but am looking at using 6" PVC tubing laid horizontally with ports cut into the top for net pots. I have some other considerations too but I’ll lurk in the background and learn what I can. @TDubWilly and I touched on this a bit and want to pursue it for a winter grow here.


Sounds interesting, but wouldn’t the roots stop it up? I may not be understanding


Why 6"? Seems like overkill for a task that 4" can handle easily.


I have 4" too. Thinking about the net pots and their size.


Oh ok it said 6"PVC tubing and I was like DAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN that’s some big ass plumbing. It’s not a toilet lol.


A pvc setup like that will be better suited to do sea of green were the plants and the roots stay a little smaller. He wouldn’t be growing massive plants with massive roots.


I personally don’t feel as though 6" is overkill, it will provide a little more root room like granddaddy was talking about


Well we know it can’t hurt having bigger pipes. So I’m sure either way would work fine. But 6" would be harder to clog but I feel that not haveling negative pressure coming from the grow buckets it the real important factor


That would be a film hydroponics not RDWC


What is film hydro? Never heard if it


Nutrient film technique (NFT) is a hydroponic technique where in a very shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channels.


Is that the system where I see plants coming out of the actual PVC piping?


Sea of Green probably won’t work for me. 6 plant limit in California. More like a 3 plant grow. Would you recommend doing this with totes and a reservoir instead?


You need to talk to @peachfuzz


No , it works for short period strains… but not so good if your trying to vegg and flower… roots will clog everything and plants down the line will suffer… :grin:

Much easier to maintain 1 big water holding res with plants in it and a 2nd res for your controller bucket… keep things simple… :wink:
Every bucket needs to be fed at the same time and emptied at the same time… think of flow rates… :grin:



A larger reservoir is more of a buffer to regulate ph in an Rdwc as well right? I was under the impression the bigger the better on a res. Kinda the same rule on the plant pots, not judt to alloe for a larger rootball but to prevent the rootballs from filling most of the available area in bucket - which displaces most of the solution out of the bucket - also sometimes ive read it causes roots to be sucked up into the piping if theyre too small.


Are we talking reservoir or plant buckets I’m confused lol.