Desert seeds , whats best

i live in the desert in ca , hot June July and aug ,2/3 of the time it’s 100 to 110 , what seeds do the best ??? help please

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I hear sour diesel and amnesia haze do great in hot environments

Afghans hands down!
Or Pakistanis

THC Bomb, NYC Diesel, Jack Herer, Afghan, Headband OG, and Kaya Gold., I am growing Amnesia in the Midwest and my temps have been bouncing between 85F- 105F and they seem to like the warmer weather . So I would add Amnesia Haze also.

thank you , it;s so hot , i have 2 shade cloth over them , and thank you for getting back to me so fast , vern

thank you for getting back to me , this will help

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thank you coolhand , this will help a lot ,

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My sour diesel seems to be pretty resilient. I’m in central CA

I grow in extreme temps my plants are in full sun it takes alot of water . This past weekend it took 187.5 gallons for 15 girls in pots. I do not use any shade . I grow the roots before focusing the above ground part lots of great white and mycos i have a bunch of water beads at the bottom of the pots. Some strains stress some just love it the ones that show stress slow down alot . My garden has seen some very hot days the only thing that gets them thru the heat is cool wet feet . I can name some strains to avoid . But the best help I can share is cool feet and good genetics and coco choir

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they show some stress in the pictures


thank you , they look real good to me , what kind do you grow , if i can ask ?

StrawberryAmnesia Super silver haze purple paralys

Purple paralysis purple teIm wreck Blue cindy amnesia haze lsd crystalcheese

as you can tell , this is only my 3th grow , what do you mean , about making the roots grow better ?? , i know to many ? ,lol but thank you

A lot of people make the root structure better by bottom feeding to draw the roots down I’m guessing the beads get wrapped around the roots keeping them cooler and constantly moist to fight off the amount of moisture that the leaves leak with plenty of perlite in your soil mix thatll help too

I grow Skywalker og, fire og, and og kush in the las Vegas area in my greenhouse all three strains love the dry heat.

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Google great white and bunchesof tinfo will come up

all i can say is thank you all so much ,i will be here forever ,lol

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Do you have to cool the greenhouse any? We are considering greenhouse grow and live in eastern New Mexico, higher altitude but wicked temp changes here. Supposed to not get ‘hot’ but last couple of summers has hit over 100. We tend to stay lower 90s.

I built a swap cooler for the green house but never use it. I did attach a intake fan and exhaust fan to the green house and also have two fans running inside. All three strains of seeds I went with do better it hot dry climates. I think you’d be okay with the same strains I used in new Mexico. The only thing I’d watch is the moisture the strains I used have a tendency to mold in damp cold weather.

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