Depth of growing pot?

How important is the depth of your pot that you grow in??? Trying to gain some height in my grow tent. My 5 gal pots are 13 inches tall (so I loose a foot of height. Any issues if I went with a wider and less tall pot. IE: same amount of dirt or more just wider maybe 7gal capacity but maybe only 6 inches tall. So how important is the height of pot they are growing in??? Courious!


I tried a shorter, but wider pot, and I did pretty good in it. I’ll do it again this round.


How much dirt does it hold and do u have a pict.???

I use 5 gallon buckets filled about 1/2 full with dirt. Problem is they can get root bound pretty easy with the bucket only filled 1/2 way.

I will be using 15 gallon fabric pots from now on.

How tall r those fabric pots???

It looks to be 12” x 20”.

I would have to measure, and I certainly didn’t check the volume, but they filled out all of their roots. My journal has pictures of some of the pots.
It’s a 5 gallon folded down to about half. @MrPeat

Ya that’s no shorter that my 5gal pots. I’m in a 2x4x5 tent. The height is a problem. Have already moved the exhaust system outside of tent. Picked up a bit of height there. Just wondering if I could make a pot say 6 inches tall but 20 inches wide x 30 inches (not specific numbers just a for instance )

@Audiofreak If you can Veg for months, it probably would work. You definitely need to get a killer root system to hold up a plant. Because that is pretty shallow. The rest seems good. And you will probably need support for the branches as 6” deep seems to shallow.

I have the same height problem. The only way I have found is training the plant
I top my plants and then mainline them so the canopy is flat
Veg takes longer but so far it works


I’m just learning to train them and I will get better with expierance (I hope) just reaching for ideas to adapt what I have until I can upgrade to a taller tent. This is what ive been able to do with training so far. Aprox 5 wks in flower. I know I have a lot yet to learn.


Looks good
Your way ahead of me
Happy growing

I was thinking same thing how much this change harvest weight when I go wide but shorter pots.
But same amount or slightly bigger.

I have bought 5 gallon fabric pots from different vendors. The smart pot brand Is the shorter wider pot. I bought 5 gallon knock offs And when I receive them they were taller an not as wide . I prefer the wider smart pot brand. I have seen variation in the same size.

Looks like you have a good handle on training. How long did you veg?

About 6 weeks

That’s awesome. Nice work!

Ideally, a mature cannabis plant prefers a soil depth of 16 - 18 inches and as wide as you can make it. The growers in Oregon and Northern California use pots 18" deep that are 100 gallon and up! Custom fabric pots. Thats one of the tings that enables them to grow 12 foot tall and 12 foot wide bushes. Cannabis enjoys wide root mats more than deep, it allows more surface area for watering and feeding, more unrestricted lateral root growth. In truth, if we all filled our grow rooms with a box the size of the grow room floor 16" deep with medium your plants could easily swamp your growroom. There is no harm in plants sharing the same medium if there is enough of it to go around.


Well it looks like one more idea gone to crap! Think I might go wider pot next grow, no shorter just wider then. Thanks for all the input.