Depression + Cannabis

Can cannabis be used to combat depression? If so, which strains are recommended for this purpose?


Yes it is very good. Iā€™m on my third grow since my wife started using it for severe anxiety. Durban Poison And critical purple was my first for her and she loved it. I used the descriptions for use in the seeds section to make my decision on what to grow for her. My second grow was gelato, critical purple, silver haze and gold leaf. My current grow is Girl Scout extreme, gold leaf and Kandy Kush.


Here are the ILGM strains known for being helpful with depression:

Amnesia Haze
Northern Lights
Super Skunk
White Widow


I suffer major depression and anxiety at one point in my life and weed helped quite a bit, especially with sleep. Be careful with the sativa. They can pick you up, but too much may raise your anxiety levels.


I like big bud and cheese when im depressed. Cheese keeps me mellow but allows me to get stuff done. Big bud gives me a great nights sleep. Especially if i let the big bud trichomes amber out a little extra.


Many thanks for the replies.

Yes, It is good for combat depression. I am suffer from anxiety and depression. Cannabis helps me to fight against depression. You can try.

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I fucking love blueberry first strain i ever grow out got 24 ounces under a staircase closet

Sounds good :+1:

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Can anyone recommend somewhere to get seeds?