Dense buds = ? More potency?

Peak potency is reached (THC production peaks) at some point ahead of peak bulk. The same amount of THC is distributed through more plant material thus reducing overall potency. I don’t think there’s really any correlation between loose or dense flower and potency.


@Myfriendis410 I’m with you. Denser buds does not mean its more potent. My Blue Dreams I grew was not all dense and the high has been the same.

I have a good buddy thats my taste tester and he swears by Blue Dream is some of the best stuff he has ever smoked. Even after 1 year in the mason jars. :+1::+1::+1:


Yo @MrPeat , @Myfriendis410 , a year in mason jars should decarb the bud some, making it even better for smoking no?

It will break down into CBN over time. It will also change the flavor (IMO it degrades the flavor). I keep my cured flower in a non frost-free freezer for long-term storage.

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I’m with you on mason jars for storage. I vacuum seal though in half pint jars and store in a hole dug in basement around 60 degrees and once opened used to finish. Lids pop and you can hear the whoosh or whatever you want to call that sound.
When taken out flavor seems even better to us.
Some of it is well over a year old. Just a tip heat the lid with a hair dryer or in the oven to soften rubber ring before vacuum sealing and tighten ring tight and leave on.

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@6stringT Taste wise I don’t detect. Chemical accident with Xylene where I worked at. It does break down in the mason jars. My Taste Tester swears by my Blue Dream. Its at least 50% Amber and it works for me.

@Myfriendis410 has you covered. :+1::+1::+1:

I had to work with all that shit in Aerospace. Xylenes and Toluene were bad. 1.1.1. Trichloroethelene was bad, but the acids were the worst.

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