Dennis 62 simple grow #15

Hey yall so 4 days drying and my buds are finally registering on my hydrometer lol barely they are at 79% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: tonight I will lay them out again for a couple hours.

Everything is progressing well and boy on thing I can see my buddy did a very pretty job of wet trimming and there is no extra sugar leaf, well manicured like dispensary weed. Member berry on left Mandarin sunset on right

Hope everyone is having a great day :innocent: happy growing yall


I tried to take those nuggets outta your hand!! The computer screen got in the way!! Nice!!!


Thanks man, very happy with the haul, can’t wait for the cure to get a real taste :+1:


dang look at those sweet nugs, well done brother


Thank you my friend :pray:


@Dennis62 you’re buddy did and excellent job on the trimming. Those look like they are going to be fire for sure. Have a good day my friend. :yum::yum::v::v::raising_hand_man:


Gorgeous buds. :blush::v:


Thanks my friend @RPgrower preliminary try of Member berry is great :+1: I told my buddy you guys liked his trim job :v:
Thank you @Flitme super happy :slight_smile: :smiley:
Have a great day you guys
Mandarin sunset is at 67 another day or so

These are nice dense buds also so I would like to be closer to 58% before going into groove bags

Man do they smell awesome, happy growing yall :blush:


Hey yall here we are at week 16.5 day 117 and this is the last of this grow, minus the cure. Another successful miracle grow grow :+1: Im always happy with anything Ethos and these two are no exception, these girls were easy to grow and they exceeded my expectations for density and beauty of the bud. As always they were beautiful plants with reds and purples, the buds grind nicely and burn to a nice gray ash, both are smooth and seem to work well for me, to me everything tastes so much better after the cure and seems like the effects get better too, so I know it gets me high and I feel body and head, I went yep thats good shi* lol But I didn’t try enough to really tell. That’s part of the excitement waiting for curing :smiley: So both are in grove bags and I am so happy with the results, on Member berry her colas were pretty uniform in size and dried to right at 60% but Mandarin sunset has big dense top colas, with the smaller nuggets so I took her to 58% taking a week, that is a long time for desert 30% humidity.

My portion of the grow fit in one ounce grove bags!!! You could fit 1/4 lb in the newer one ounce bag lol
The buds are dense and it appears to be small amount, but I got 3.5 ounces of Mandarin sunset in the newer grove bags which are a little bigger than the older ones, and 2.7 ounces of Member berry fit in the old style. :grinning: I will wait a few weeks to give a honest opinion on smoke report and notice when I am ready to start my next grow here, in the mean time I will be on the forum but maybe not posting a lot.
I also want to thank everyone who has been following me and my buddies grow and all the encouragement and support you all have been, it has been a pleasure and a privilege to share with you guys. I appreciate all of you and hope you follow my next grow, and I will tag you all when I am ready for my next adventure. :wink: Again thank you all and happy growing yall :blush:


you rocked it this grow brother


Thanks my friend :heart:


@Dennis62 Great to here the news. Count me in on the next grow. :v:

Thank you my friend @Dforce :v:

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