Dennis 62 simple grow #15

Hey everyone welcome to my simple grow, as advertised grow 15 and still learning and dialing in, but still using a hated product miracle grow potting mix with some prettt good results, it has its problems and I have learned to work around some. This grow I am doing 2 ethos strains Member berry and Mandarin sunset and a Delicious seeds indica line strain Critical sensi star. This being a simple grow I have lights and fans, nutes thats it. My lights are hlg 100 series, 95w boards, one for each plant, 25w per sq ft, I have 4000k boards for veg, and 2 3000k and one new 3500k rspec for flowering. My closet is 2x6. I made a try different nutes last grow, it did not work with miracle grow potting mix, so I aim to grow with my organic nutes by everano, flower power trio, that I have been using for years. I was hoping to save a few bucks, but I will stay with what works. Okay I started my seeds yesterday using 3 gal plastic pots, seeds 1/2 inch deep then I use a 16oz cup to wet the area around and below the seed, pouring carefully around the seed. Now there is a moist area 4 inches around, and about 5 inches deep, there is dry soil around and below the wet area so I can not over water. For the next few days I will only keep seed moist by adding small amounts of water when top starts to dry, never allowing the seed to dry. Then when the plants grow I will water to the size of the plant, not wetting all the soil. I do this for a couple reasons, 1 miracle grow potting mix is hot with chemical nutes nk&p so I am only wetting soil in the plants needed areas, only activating the nutes in wet zone, protecting young plants. 2 I can not over water because I have dry soil surrounding the area of damp soil, so no setting in soaking wet soil as extra moisture is drawn away by dry soil. I do not allow my root zone to dry out, too dry and it saps the moisture in the plant causing stress, so I allow top to dry some and surface roots transfers enough oxygen for healthy plants. I treat mgpm like coco, or a flood and drain hydro system, wetting root zone according to the size of the plant. So here we are the seeds are in and a light hung, will be putting a 6 inch fan as soon as the seedlings pop up. For now just keeping the seeds moist. I grow on the premises that these are plants that have need of water, light, and nutes, granted you can dial in the best conditions with heating pads and domes, humidifiers, dehumidifiers etc. But I do the opposite, my girls have to do with a fan on them from the get go, and I have no problems. So here’s where we are today, I am getting together a list of people who have followed along with my last grow I will follow up with tags. Happy growing yall, hope you are having a good day.

So this grow is started an I will be updating any changes, and letting you guys know my every move. Grateful to this forum for giving us all the opportunity to document our success and failures for everyone’s benefit. More to follow yall :+1: :smiley:


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im in for this grow amd excited.

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Happy to have you along @Blastfact yep happy with my lights, I don’t expect monster colas with 100w boards, but I fill out the canopy with nice nuggets. Love HLG they have helped me to dial in what gives me the most light with the least heat, because I don’t ventilate my closet, another way this is simple grow. :smiley:


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Best wishes for this run. There’s been a lot of weed made in that closet!


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When I saw closet mentioned I figured I better check it out. Last year I claimed some garage space and built a 30x72" closet. I’ve run a couple grows through it and still figuring things out like its environment, lights, etc.
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