Dennis 62 simple grow #14

Looking very beautiful


Thank you kind sir :+1:

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Hey man here is my current grow :laughing: @Brainsacco1

WOW!! BEAUTIFUL!! your daughter is going to get a crash course in trimming lol.


Why thank you my friend, I am having ph problems as usual but hanging in there. Well my daughter is lazy and starts with top branches, a couple a day so she doesn’t get over worked lol. I gave the okay on her super skunk, but Cherry gar see ya is a week or two, so she will have it easy lol… she didn’t feed during veg so many of her leafs have yellowed and falling off anyway :laughing: thanks for stopping by buddy have a good one :slight_smile: :+1:


Good afternoon yall here we are at week 7 day 49 and the girls are developing a problem I’

Hey guys sorry I haven’t been on lately yesterday was week 7 and I am having problems with my ph and sugar black rose is losing lots of fan leafs, and watering yesterday I noticed some of her lower growth is yellowing and dying. I am sure my miracle grow potting mix is low ph and using jacks 321 this grow which mixed full strength my water is a great 6.5 going in. But my out ph is drastically low at a 5.5 It was not all that concerning but it is now lol. I usually use a organic nute line that adds sea weed and organics and I have less ph problems with, but wanted to try jacks, after closer inspection the other two are having the same problem except to a far lesser degree. The canopy looks wonderful and I am sure golosa and 11 roses are going to be fine, but I am worried about sugar black rose. Anyway its not jacks fault, but I am going back to organic with this nasty miracle grow. Why fix something that ain’t broke. I hope sugar black rose pulls through. Here’s pics for the week like I said the canopy looks healthy and happy.

Here’s Sugar black rose week 1 of flower, she has a nice canopy but has lost a lot of fan leafs and now dying lower small branches. Hope she dose better I am changing input a little and see what happens. Here’s her canopy happy and healthy

But lower leafs have fallen off and small branches are dying…

Well it’s a learning experience.
Here’s Golosa she is 1 week into flower also and doing the best and for the most part has been without any issues, but she does have a few lower leafs dying, I am not worried about her tho.

All good with her I have reduced her nitrogen some, very dark green and clawing a bit. Her buds a developing nicely.
Here’s 11 roses she is still not quite a week into flower, hedgehogs are building, she had ph issues early and seems to settled some and all is well with her, but lost big fan leafs.

So we keep on keeping on, will get through this. Next grow I’ll stick to what works for me in the past :laughing: Hope you all are doing well today Happy growing yall.


you got this, so is that clip fan attached to a vacuum? whatever it is, great idea lol


Thank you my friend, Yes sir vacuum serves as a tent pole lol :smiley:


I say stick with what works lol


@Dennis62 those are some healthy mf’s, I’ll bet they eat alot?

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Thanks @TT most definitely :+1:
Thank you @Brainsacco1 good luck with the bom!

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@Dennis62 hey buddy! I have a vent running from the from the front of my ac to the bottom intake of the tent. Im sure you could probably rig something up & cool the temps while lights out.

For color.
:wink:I have a feeling were gonna see more colors lol :joy:


Yes @Brainsacco1 I actually have a 7 foot tall cardboard box I can build a extention on my closet door to put a vent, but I am not sure I will build it, no way to hide it if maintenance comes in lol. No if he comes I just unplug the timer throw it in the closet close the door and bam come on in lol might smell :laughing: Hey man you are getting awesome colors my friend, looking fantastic. I may get some colors next grow winter time :slight_smile: :+1:


Maybe they smoke? Thats one way to keeping them silent :joy:


@Brainsacco1 Nope, dudes a hard nosed Nevada redneck lol


Hey yall okay so I say 11 roses is a week behind the others, but she is at week 1 in flower

Here’s a shot of the other two they are 2 weeks into flower, I am impressed with golosa, her nuggets are looking awesome

Here’s Sugar black rose shes doing good at building, I am hoping she shows improvement but keeping a close eye on her

More to follow, headed to see my daughters grow in a few. Happy growing yall :smiley:


@Dennis62 hey bro leave some gummies lying arou next time he shows up. Might be surprised lol

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Hey guys here we are at the weekend update on my daughters grow, what a difference a week makes!!! I gave my daughter the green light to harvest super skunk and Cherry gar see ya last week but she ended up being busy with work and now is going to be busy weekend in trim jail ha ha :laughing: oh and I asked her and when she harvested Sugar black rose she got 5 oz.

Here’s Girl scout cookies who had a bunch of white pistols last week, but this is Week 8 for her and not a white pistol on the whole plant! Tricomes are mostly cloudy with a touch of amber on bud. Being a sativa I am going to advise at least another week at least, she has some dense fat nuggets. Wish she didn’t get topped early, but she is going to do well for a little gal

Here’s Master kush she is not a dense bud plant, she has a couple weeks at least still have lots of white pistols at week 6 of flower

Here’s Cherry gar see ya who is 8 weeks into flower and her tricomes are 50% amber on bud! And my daughter has been busy with scissors wet trimming the largest part of the plant. A lower branch got broken i early veg and for some reason that branch still has green leaves and has some beautiful buds, definitely cherry, whole plant is purple.

Broken branch

Here’s Super skunk who is 10 weeks into flower and is over 50% amber on bud and going to be a good bit of work for harvest, still a ton of fan leafs on her.

Lol and a sample for grandpa

All good here for now, happy growing yall, have a great weekend :smiley:


Good afternoon yall here we are at week 8 or day 56 of this grow and all is well, I have watered everyone with plain water to get ppms down, then watered all with organic nutes, top dressing with pk booster, hopefully that will stop the damage. I have never had plants do this and I have no idea what happened, but hope this helps. So far all looking okay, I understand that changing nutes is not advised mid grow but I was desperate, actually leafs and branches dying from the bottom up, and I can tell it is going to affect my yield also. But I am going to keep on keeping on. Here’s a cool pic of the closet

Here’s Sugar black rose, she is at little more than 2 weeks into flower and is still looking good in the canopy, but lost a lot of fan leafs, and I have trimmed off several lower side branches that turned yellow and wilted, so keeping a good attitude and hopefully she will pull through okay.

Here’s Golosa she is doing great at 2 weeks into flower and nice tricomes are smelling sweet pine flavor. She is also losing fan leafs thesame problem as SBR but not as bad. She is looking pretty good and will yield nicely.

Here’s 11 roses she is a little over a week into flower and started off with problems, but she filled out some and will produce some bud, not expecting a lot. But happy to see she is doing better but she is also losing fan leafs the same as other two, but not bad.

Okay guys all 3 were light pots and my run offs are rising from my top dressing pk booster, my input ppm were 570 to 700, but out on SBR 1850, golosa 2100 and 11 roses 2185, and all are looking well. More to come lol… And my daughter chopped Super skunk and Cherry gar see ya, so she made it through the grow without the neighbor kids disruption thanks to the weed gods :smiley: her girl scout cookies is doing great and she can probably cut her this coming weekend at 9 weeks into flower, I tested a couple buds at 10% amber and it did a great job of ringing my bell :+1: cherry gar see ya is a creeper but nice high, super skunk is good long lasting high. Will wait for cured to be judged right and will let you know. Happy growing my friends