Dennis 62 simple grow #14

Thanks man yesery it is almost a good thing 11 roses is staying smaller lol Don’t leave me room for my clothes ha ha

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That’s a good problem to have.


keep rocking it


You got it, appreciate ya stopping by :smiley:

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Okay yall here we are at the weekend update here in my world, first heres a look at the new growth these pictures show pretty good. Here’s sugar black rose on left all light colored is this week’s growth

This is Golosa today shes pretty dense still I am removing the inward growing leafs for ventilation.

And poor 11 roses is still a bunched up mess and I am thinning her out now here and there now she’s showing healthy growth. But shes stretching pretty good

Now my daughters grow this week and loss of leafs is giving us a better look at the buds but everything is going just fine dispite the over 100* temps we have had. We are supposed to be in the 80s by next week lol. One thing I can say about all of them tricome development is fantastic, all shiny in the sunshine :smiley:

Here’s Girl scout cookies who is 6 weeks into flower and her colas are beautifully dense and still building nicely for her size

Here’s Master kush she is still building nicely but her buds are small like her But man she has the most different smell I have come across, it smells like bubble gum! So frickin cool. She is 4 weeks into flower this week

Here’s Cherry gar see ya she is 6 weeks into flower and her nuggets are spongy large marble sized frombottom to top and loosing leafs. She has almost all brown pistols, but she is not ready beautiful tricomes :+1:

Here’s Super skunk and she’s 8 weeks into flower and still building crazy dense nuggets with a ton of white pistols so I am comfortable saying she has another week lol…

All is well here in Nevadas desert yall, happy growing to all :laughing:


Almost to the finish line. Looking great


Thank you my friend :smiley:

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@Dennis62 pat for the course as always Dennis. :+1:t2:


Thanks my friend @Fieldofdreams :+1:


Good evening yall here we are at week 6 or day 41 of this grow, stretching! moving lights, feeding. It was 10 days ago I flipped the closet and the girls are doing fine, still running too low ph but they are pushing through. Here’s pics of the closet gotta take 2 cuz sugar black rose and golosa have filled out their half of the closet, then there is 11 roses

Here’s Sugar black rose nine days ago she was 18 inches tall, today she is 32 and I have 3 inches of adjustment (without rearranging my hangers) but we will see in a few days what happens lol… bud sites are developing nicely with fairly short internodal spacing, lots of buds.but right now she just has hairs everywhere a bud will be :+1:

Here’s Golosa she is developing a little faster than the others she has several hairs at each bud site and also has a fairly short internodal spacing, so nice. She has streached 12 inches, and is now 28 inches, I have 7 inches of adjustment so I am comfortable saying she will stop stretching before I run out of adjustment :smiley:

Here’s 11 roses she like sugar black rose just a couple hairs but she is not going to be a great yield but looks a lot better, jacks 321 greened her up nicely and looks a lot healthier, she is 20 inches tall and hopefully she streaches some more lil. Will see, it is what it is lol can’t bat 1000 every time.

Anyway yall hope you are having a good day today, everyone is doing well here. Happy growing everyone, fall is finally getting started here temperature are coming down from 100+ :+1:


Hey guys here we are at week 6 day 44 and sugar black rose streached to 36 inches which is too tall to keep regular 4 sided wires, instead I use 2 wires clipped corner to corner on opposite sides, then tying nylon string between the two wires, I now have 6 inches of adjustment.

Here’s sugar black rose and golosa both of these are developing nice hedgehogs are about what I call week 1 of flower but 11 roses is nowhere close and is still stretching and filling out her 2x2 space finally. She still going to be a different plant tho. Here’s sugar black rose and golosa and baby buds!

Here’s Sugar black rose just about done stretching but didn’t have adjustment, at 36 inches. All good now rearranged hanger, and after she is done stretching I will raise her light as high as possible.

Here’s Golosa she is doing great at 32 inches nice even canopy and still have room for adjustment. Like sugar black rose is about a week into flower, and buds are developing nicely.

Here’s 11 roses she is only 24 inches tall and just now starting to fill 2x2 space. But shes barely growing pistols, so not at all close to flowering. But I happy with her growth this week.

Anyway yall just feeding and and adjusting lights :+1: Happy growing yall


Hey guys here the weekend update on my daughters outside grow… Everyone is doing great considering hot summer, but 3 of the 4 plants are getting very close to harvest, going to talk with my daughter tomorrow. We are finally going to get cooler weather.

Here’s Girl scout cookies who is the only sativa strain left and she is 7 weeks into flower this week but true to sativa strains going to take longer to finish. Her buds have a lot of white pistols and tricomes are mostly clear, but her buds are nice and dense.

Here’s poor master kush who started last and has all kinds of white pistols and is doing great for what she is, but 5 weeks into flower she has a long time to go.

Now Cherry gar see ya is looking done lost most of her leafs because of lack of nutes and ph issues. But buds are spongy large marble sized nuggets and at 7 weeks into flower, she has a few white pistols here and there, and her tricomes are mostly cloudy with quite a few amber on sugar leafs. I like what I see but can always wait another week lol

Here’s Super skunk and she’s a weird one here she is at 9 weeks into flower and still pushing new white pistols and building lol. But shes going to be a stoney weed cuz she has a ton of amber, and I am saying that she could go longer than Cherry gar see ya.

Well as I said all is well just hanging in there and keeping on course… Happy growing yall have a great week, till then :slight_smile: :smiley:


looking great growmie, that one outside is stacked full of buds


Thank you my friend, they smell to high heavens :laughing:


i bet they do lol


Hey guys here we are still in week 6 day 46 and I am calling this week 1 in flower for both sugar black rose and golosa, which has good hedgehogs up and down the branches. 11 roses is still stretching and filling out pretty good now but a good week behind the other two. Here’s the 2 at week 1 sugar black rose

Here’s Golosa

Here’s 11 roses she is a little behind the others, exactly the reason I don’t count from flip.

Okay yall I went to visit my daughter and talked to her about what to do, and we decided to let cherry gar see ya and super skunk go another week. Here’s a beautiful picture of her Cherry, she looks cherry

Happy growing yall enjoy your weekend :smiley:


That cherry :cherries: has some great colors on her…
closet is looking stunning :heart_eyes:


Thanks man, yes my daughter loves the colors too.


Love the colors on the cherry ! All looking great

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Thanks my friend :+1: