Dennis 62 simple grow #14

Glad to have you along @spankyjr1
Hey @new2-420 happy your in.
@Flitme welcome aboard, well it took some learning miracle grow potting mix is all I have used, it has issues, but completely workable.
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Hey everyone Woooo hoooo THEIR ALIVE!!! Golosa is up, and 11 roses and sugar black rose are white elbows lol tomorrow I should be able to get pictures and call it day one… and just so yall know since adding the 16 oz of water I have added a bit to top to keep seed moist no more. I am super happy… Happy growing yall, hope you all are doing well today.


Good evening yall here we are at day 1, the beginning of this grow, only 2 days in the dirt and all are above ground, bent over but above ground lol, pretty robust seeds :smiley: here’s Golosa

Here’s 11 roses

Here’s Sugar black rose

Anyway I got a lot to say but going to have to wait for another day lol. Ready to call it a day. Happy day here, triplets, all happy and healthy. Happy growing yall


Congratulations :champagne::tada::confetti_ball::balloon: Let the fun begin! :blush::v:


Appreciate it my friend :smiley:

Woohooo nice to see them all above ground

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Hello all, well all the girls are standing tall this afternoon and all is well. Okay I do not treat seedlings like other people, no domes, quite the opposite I put a fan on them from day one. Here’s the thing I learned about miracle grow potting mix, it is basically peat moss, forest products (wood chips) and time released NP&K nutes, that’s it! So its like coco, holds water a little more so watering every other day is good, it breathes fairly well like coco. I wet the root zone by the size of the plant from the start every other day. This form of watering is like a coco or flood and drain hydro. With coco you’d normally wet the whole pot, but with the high amount of time released nutes in mg I only wet the area the plant needs releasing small amounts of nutes at a time, also I can not over water because I have all that dry soil surrounding the area of damp soil. Like today I know I poured a 16 oz cup of water in there 3 days ago and a 1 inch tall plant is shooting a tap a few inches down, and there is damp soil there and radial roots are reaching out closer to the surface right now and I only used a cup of water per plant today to hold them over 2 days. With the fan blowing right on them the top soil dries a little allowing oxygen to the roots. Miracle grow potting mix time released nutes affect how I do everything through out the grow!!! But it is also a great mix it grows nice plants, and since checking ppm in and out I know when to feed, and checking ph which changes through out the grow too. I think I make the best of it. I am changing to jacks 321 this grow and am looking forward to seeing how it works. But for now I am going to be using a product that is called a growth accelerator while the girls are little, it has no nitrogen so doesn’t burn seedlings but has micro and macro nutrients mg doesn’t have, as its not really soil. Its called speedy veg

Also I have one hlg 4k board @ 18 inches till we see if they streach or not, so far they look awesome to a new dad! Here’s today’s

Happy growing yall till next time :+1:


How long have you been using the speedy veg ? Is it really as good as it says ? Trying to see if i wanna try it

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@TT I have been using it since grow 2, so I have always used it, from birth until about week 4 or 5, every other water. I really can’t say if it makes a difference because I aways have very happy plants, so I have not gone without. And as I say mg has nothing and I believe it helps in my case. You are welcome to search my last 7 grows instead of waiting to see these, I used same name just changed the # :smiley: I was going to thank you for your interest, glad to have you along.
Thanks @Flitme appreciate you my friend :+1:


Hey yall hope all is well with you, nice day here on day 3 and the girls are doing fine Golosa and Sugar black rose streached a little but 11 roses is a shorty so far. 5 days ago I poured a 16oz cup of water on each seed, and since I have added very little water to keep seed damp and dampen top. Again the surrounding dirt is dry and it saps the moisture, and so you can not soak or over water. So today I flood the root zone with another 16 oz cup of water with speedy veg. Keeping the area 4 to 5 inches deep and around moist. Now allow 2 or more days before flooding root zone again. That was yesterday, today girls are looking awesome for 4 days and the fan is making those girls dance :+1:

Well enough about me it’s the weekend and for those who didn’t follow my grow 13 I have been showing my daughters outside grow here in Nevadas desert. Still getting some curly leafs from VPD, but so far girls are stretching and buds are developing. Won’t yield like last year but things are going nicely. They are pretty good for her work schedule and the heat this year. Anyway here’s the weekend update

Here’s Girl scout cookies shes stretching and week 1 of flower, she is a shorty because the fence fell on her, topping her to soon.


Ooops here is her buds


Here’s master kush she was extra sensitive to the heat and most of her branches were so curly a kid thought they were buds and stole most of her, we now have alarms on her grow. She is not quite a week into flower

Here’s Sugar black rose first to flower, shes 4 weeks into flower and her nuggets are getting nice and sticky. She’s a cute little girl

Here’s Cherry gar see ya and she is about done stretching and I call her week 1 of flower, shes a beast, cant wait to see her in a couple weeks!

And last Super skunk who is 3 week’s into flower and her nuggets are going to be smaller than I like but it is what it is lol. She is a nice little bush

Alright yall all good here just chillin today, hope you guys are having a good day. Happy growing yall :smiley:


Okay yall here we are at week 1 and the girls are doing awesome, everyone is happy and healthy. So we are off to a good start, with the light 18 inches above two are stretching and 11 roses is staying short. I had to put crutches on Golosa and Sugar black rose, as the leafs are too heavy and fan was threatening to blow them over lol. In a few days the stalks will harden and I can remove the crutch.

Here’s 11 roses she is a short thick girl and will have to deal with low hanging leafs, but that’s okay.

This is Golosa doing fine

And here is Sugar black rose

Okay all I am doing now is watering every other day, using speedy veg every other water. All good here just getting started. Happy growing yall :smiley:


Great looking girls


Thanks man happy to have little ones again :+1:


Ladies are looking fantastic. Let the fun begin :v::blush:


Thank you @Flitme yep fun times :+1: