Dennis 62 simple grow #13

Thank you my friend, got me hopeful :smiley:

They are beautiful

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Thanks appreciate it my friend :+1:

Gorgeous sir :fire::fire::fire::star_struck::facepunch::sunglasses:

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Thanks Carp appreciate ya stoppin by :smiley:

Just watered Chem x pluto auto to run off and her numbers are pretty high, 2942 ppm and ph 6.6… She is like all my girls painting her fingertips, I don’t deny miracle grow potting mix is hot, but these numbers come down pretty quick now these are becoming bushes, it is amazing how much water they process in days! She is a happy camper tho. I did add cal mag today, but no nutes. Today her leafs touch the walls and touching lemon berry so she will now convert all growth upwards, they are funny creatures they touch but don’t invade other plants space. Anyway all good here in dennis’s simple grow :smiley: I am not surprised that the auto is out growing the photos, as I have noticed my autos are as robust of plants as photos. I averaged last six grows and I averaged 3.7 ounces per plant on autos, and 4.2 on photos, not a lot of difference, only difference I can’t ignore, most of the autos have loose flowers ( I blame Rudealis, I could be wrong but… ) I have not had this problem with photos. Could be several causes, I did have loose flowers on a lemon berry, but I really stressed that whole grow, but I am evolving away from autos and doing indica dominant strains. Besides I like the indica strains for dense buds that dry better for storage, works best for medicine in my case, I actually like a 50/50 like lemon berry but more indica helps me more than sativa strains. My next grow is 80% indica in two plants and one 100% and all 23 to 25 % thc. Anyway that is where we are today yall, happy growing all :+1:


Well I brought Cherry gar see ya out to the kitchen to see how her lower branches are making it past the monster fan leafs, man what a mess, then I broke a branch on accident lol going to try cloning her. But what a dense plant

Well I got all the branches tucked between fan leafs for now but what a weird plant.


Looking good!! Fat & healthy :yum: good work bro!!

@Dennis62 so did you drop that tip into something to clone her?

Thanks @Brainsacco1 and yes @Fieldofdreams I cut at angle, dipped in root tone, then in water and in the closet.

Now I call this first week of flower on chem x pluto auto

Okay I also said that things change quickly here, lemon berry is ahead of Cherry by an inch, lemon berry is 16 inches tall, and as I have said I flip at 18 inches / maybe 20, but in any case that will be in just a few days!!! But I am happy with the way things are going :smiley:

Happy growing yall.


@Dennis62 dude you need a bigger closet!! Whoa!!


Yes my friend they will fit like shoes in there, kinda lucky Cherry is not a wide bush lol as it is I only have 2 foot to keep my clothes

But my main dilemma is this, I can only raise my lights so far, well 6 foot, but like now I have 18 inches of adjustment as of now, plus a couple inches by wrapping wire hangers different if I have to. So if either of the photos go further than double during flower I have a problem lol

But I play this game every grow and I usually get very close depending on the amount of streach :+1: I try to get the most in the least time dictated by size of grow space. But timing is everything, and there are so many variables lol… Anyway all good here today, and again lemon berry is thirsty and drank one gal in two days, her numbers as I hoped are coming down, she is also taking in nutrients. Her ppm was 1853 and ph 6.5 on run off, down from 2050 and I also added organic nutes to this watering. Cherry will go another day lol they all consume water different, but with these 3 gal pots its a breeze. Anyway yall all good for today, hope you guys are doing well today. Thanks to the weed gods :smiley:


Get 4 of these, and put one on each corner. Maximum adjustment.


Looking good bro! They are growing really fast!! On my last grow i bought a hanging rod & cut it to the length I needed. I was able to raise it were it needed to be. Maybe you could do the same? :eyes: good :+1:

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Thanks @Newt and @Brainsacco1 My problem is I can not alter my closet at all… no holes from hooks. The only thing I can use is the pole the clothes hang from and I get as much hight as I can with cord and knots. I have to be stealthy in my grow hence no alterations. Thanks for the suggestions tho fellows. :smiley: :+1:

Wrap one end of the ratchet strap over the pole, and clip it to itself. No holes required.

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You can get the pole and it comes w rubber plugs that go on the ends, so it won’t damage your walls. If you can find em! They also make the kind that when you get the ends close to the wall & swist the bar & it expands. Making it a tight fit. And they wont damage your walls. Kinda like shower rods work. Just a thought bro! It worked well for me. Even without it! i know you’ll figure it out :wink: happy growing bro!!

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Okay yall I had some time to do something I’m going to have to do anyways in the next couple days. I changed out my veg 4k boards for 3k flowering boards, and I put the rspec in the middle. So its fall time in my closet. I watered Early lemon berry to run off she was at 1853 ppm two days ago, today she was 754ppm. So she is consuming nutes and now feeding organic nutes every other water. Look at the 2 3k reflection on the wall left and right have more red the middle is the rspec and you can see it reflects more blue :smiley:

All is well with my world, hope you guys are having a good day too. Happy growing yall


Hey yall okay chem x pluto auto showed first pistols 13 days ago,10 days ago at week 4 she was at 10 inches tall, today she is at 25 inches and stopped stretching. So just over double lol. All the more reason to flip when lemon berry is 18 inches. But seriously a couple of her branches are at 18 lol so its not but a day or two till 16 turns to 18. Ha ha I wrote this yesterday and like I said things happen quickly here, today shes 18 inches so I changed my timer to 12/12, today she is only losing 2 hours today, tomorrow will be first full 12/12, but I don’t count from flip cuz it seems each plant is different, I count it week 1 when they have hedgehogs like chem x pluto

I guess this is Week 5 1/2 update week 1of flower for chem x pluto auto, she is okay, not going to be a great yield from the looks of it but we will see, I am my own worst critic lol. She is still only drinking 3/4 gal every three days but is happy and healthy.

Here’s Early lemon berry, I kept her as short as I could by light manipulation but veg has come to a close here in my closet. She has hit 18 inches tall so whole closet flips, she has a decent amount of internodal growth so yield should be better. She consumes 3/4 gal every other day, great looking so far, but again we shall see.

Here’s Cherry gar see ya, she is still bunched up and I am pumped for her to stretch some!!! I have no idea what to expect from this one, I have never seen a bush like her but the streach will let me see what is going on. She is just behind lemon berry at 17 inches, and not consuming as much water as the other two, but shes doing fine.

Here’s the closet

Anyway guys hope you are all good great this day. All is well here one day at a time :smiley:


Holy cow!! You have your hands full!! They are so thick, :heart_eyes: