Dennis 62 simple grow #13

Watering update: watering to run off first plant, Early lemon berry is ahead of the other two, she is consuming 1/2 gal every two days for last two waterings, today I added extra to get some good run off, ph 6.3 and ppm 2145, so pretty hot now, good old miracle grow :+1: I do the heavy /light pot method once I have watered run off. The other two are doing 3 days between light pot, then a 1/2 gal to wet the whole 3 1/2 gal pots. I am not worried about nutes at this time. Next watering I will get extra run off of other two. But I am pretty sure what they will look like. I plan to use organic fertilizer on Lemon berry and jacks 321 on others when my numbers come down some. Anyway guys take care :smiley:


I appreciate the detail you present to us such as quantities/durations/ppm counts/ph values.
I literally learn from just reading this thread of conversations others have with you, as well as your conditions reports.


well card board,foil backed tape ,scrap reflectix and we’re sending that hot exhaust into that tee i was telling you about and than ran a 5/8 id line for the condensate in the corner of the floor where it meets the wall to an abandoned 2.5" waste in the floor where the crapper use to be… temps are definitely more reasonable but with the exhaust fan running non stop and pulling some much fresh air it’s never there long enough to hit your desired rh. we started at 60% 2 hours ago. its @ 56% now. seems to be taking too thinking about shutting down the fan and watching where the whole shooting match settles.I’m guessing 79-80* and 63%

Thank you my friend

I think you should start your own journal @DEEPDIVERDAVE it was hinted to you that it is not cool to post all this on someone else’s journal, and I appreciate your interest in my grow, but I ask not to use my thread for your business. Thanks


@Dennis62 New people to the forum can be confused about posting etiquette. From the cautionary warnings (with insufficient explanation other than “Hijacking”), it would appear that forum threads should be used to reply to “thread owner” and not communication with others on thread, is the best guess I have.
Clearly, it won’t happen in the future, from me. Apology extended


@DEEPDIVERDAVE Thank you for the apology, it is okay my friend.


Good afternoon yall, two of the girls are developing what I would call normal and other is so compact her branches are not stretching and her very big heavy leafs are hard to get past. But we will see what happens. The auto chem x pluto is developing nicely and I was able top her at 9 sets of branches, and all is well with her, and she is starting to fill out her 2x2 space

Lemon berry is also filling out her space and developing nicely, she has 8 sets of branches, but in a couple days she will be at 9 at which time I will top. At 10 inches about 1 inch per node. Very good like the auto lol

Cherry gar see is my funny kid!!! She is at 8 sets of branches, but barely, she is a little behind lemon berry and 9 1/2 inch tall, but her branches are growing straight up instead of out! She is a great candidate for LST but she is so bunched its all crowded. I had to help lower branches past the monster fan leafs. Im not sure how she is going to turn out at all, never had this problem before.

Oh well all good and healthy today :smiley: Happy growing yall


Hey yall here at day 30, and same 2 days since lemon berry was watered, 3 days for pluto auto and Cherry gar see ya, all 3 were light and I watered them all with 1/2 gal with cal mag. Then I top dressed pluto with some organic flowering nutes at half dose. All happy today :smiley:


Nice got it going on auto pilot


Yep easy going now :+1:

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Looking good my friend :+1:

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Thank you @Brainsacco1 appreciate ya :+1:

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Hey guys here we are at week 4 1/2 or 31 days above ground and checked Early lemon berry and Cherry gar see ya and both have grown to 10 nodes and I took the 10th leaving 9 sets of branches on all 3 girls now. Now veg till one of the photos gets to be 18 to 20 inches tall, all these girls are just barely ready to top, topping healthy plants doesn’t slow them down much but I want all the veg time I can get.
Lemon berry

Cherry gar see ya

I am keeping my lights at 15 inches above the canopy on photos trying to keep them short longer. On the auto I have the light at 18 inches allowing a little streach. Right now the auto is 14 inches, and the photos are only 11 inches. So I can only allow the photos to grow 7 to 9 inches before flip. Already the lowest branches are coming up to fill the canopies on the auto and lemon berry, but Cherry is growing noticeably closer to the main stalk, my friend grew one and he called it a weird bitc* so maybe mine is a weird bitc* too lol… I am not sure how this is going to affect my yield on this one, its something I have never seen, but going to grow her out and we will see. Heres lemon berry 8 & 9 are top leafs but all the branches are coming up to fill out the canopy.

Well guys things happen quickly here in my closet, it is a quick turn around, as I have to keep plants below 32 inches in the end, I am hoping for a couple weeks away from flip but will see. Anyway happy growing you guys. :smiley: :+1:


Looking great brother!! Happy and healthy :facepunch::+1::love_you_gesture:

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Thanks my friend :+1:

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Shes filling up nice

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Thanks @SilvaBack203 thanks to the weed gods :smiley:

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Okay yall well tomorrow is Week 5 here. Chem x pluto auto showed first pistols 10 days ago, today she has little hedgehogs but I will call it week 1 of flower in a few days.

I had to rearrange my lights to put them on center over each plant, I am taking all the closet I can, the auto and early lemon berry are almost filling their 2x2 space, Cherry gar see ya is a weird bunched up branches, of course things will change after I filp, but she isn’t growing outward? Never had one like this, but we’ll see. Here’s the closet

Here is Chem x pluto auto, she is in streach now and 18 inches tall. And almost filled out her space. All seems well, will water her tomorrow and see where her numbers are.

Here is Early lemon berry, she is bushings out nicely also, I topped her a couple days ago and she will be ready to flip soon. Like I said things happen quickly here in my closet. She is at 14 inches tall, she has only 4 to 6 inches, and I am keeping her short as I can with light, but it won’t be long. Watered with cal mag today and her numbers are coming down to 2050 ppm 6.5 ph

Here is Cherry gar see ya, she is a jumbled up mess, but we are going to see what happens after the flip. Watered today her numbers are 2485 ppm and ph 6.3

Anyway all is well here, plan is coming together. Happy growing yall :smiley:


@Dennis62 got yourself a closet full of lil’fatties!! Looking good man!! :green_heart::seedling: