Dennis 62 simple grow #13

Good luck brother :pray:

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Gonna be some crazy babies u making lol

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Well guys we are at week 10 1/2 or 74 days and all is well here, just watering and top dress if ppm gets low, cal mag every other water. All the girls are coming along fine, first up is Chem x pluto auto is 6 weeks into flower and still in the bathroom. Just ripening and getting more cloudy, and more amber on sugar leafs. So more time for sure.

Early lemon berry is 3 1/2 weeks into flower and buds are developing great, she is a happy camper

Cherry gar see ya is 2 1/2 weeks into flower and is coming along nicely as well but it is a tricome packed gal :smiley: sticky sucker

Well enough about me this is the weekend so I got over to see my daughter and her plants and things look good, 4 weeks outside, one sativa is on the small side and I don’t think she likes the dry heat here, but the Bergmans girl scout cookies is doing great, though I’m pretty sure my daughter accidentally topped her when the wind blew down the fence. But shes a healthy, bushy girl. She is #1 in this group pic # 2 master kush reg 3 sunset sherbet (sativa) 4 sugar black rose twins (one is a auto 2weeks into flower ) 5 Cherry gar see ya 6 Bergmans super skunk.

All are doing well for another week, we are looking to top them soon, need to keep them short lol but for now all is well here guys. Happy growing yall :smiley: :+1:


@Dennis62 that last pick of the lemon berry has some beautiful flower stacks!! Your killin it man.

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@Fieldofdreams Thanks man give her a couple more weeks. I love the genetics :smiley:

Godly sir your flowers are looking sexy af man. Keep on killing it man


Good for you bro!! & your daughter :+1: everything is looking great. Happy Father’s day brother


@SilvaBack203 Thanks buddy I appreciate it, sexy is a great word lol :+1:
Thank you @Brainsacco1 Happy Father’s day to you all this day. :pray:


Hey guys here we are at week 11 day 77 and all is well, not much change since the other day, all are developing great. This is 6 1/2 weeks into flower for chem x pluto auto, she has a week or more to go, still too many white pistols so just being cautious and keeping her out of the closet, her ppm was 1100 yesterday.

Here’s Early lemon berry who is 4 weeks into flower having orange pistols starting, but building nicely. Her ppm was 1457 yesterday so good for now. Oh I will also note my ph is heading alkaline as miracle grow potting mix has a tendency to do, ph out was 6.4 now 7 :frowning: so having some leaf spotting and yellow edges on Lemon berry and Cherry gar see ya. But as with the 1st lemon berry she is turning red and her leafs are clawing, she is a beautiful girl so far, next week should be awesome.

Cherry gar see ya is 3 week’s into flower and she not going to yield anywhere close to lemon berry but OMG her branches are stacked with the stickiest buds, tricomes are awesome and getting purple ones too, its really cherry smelling, going to be a great weed I think. Her ppm were 1398 so fine for now.

Okay my friends all good here waiting for ripe buds lol happy growing yall :slight_smile: :smiley:


They are looking amazing sir. Great job 4 real

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Thanks man I appreciate ya :+1:

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Hell yeah!! Nailing it as usual! Good job D

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@Dennis62 soon it’ll be impossible to close those closet doors on the beasts within lol!!!

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Great report Brother,

My mouth was watering reading your text and looking at the pics catching up on your thread.

That cherry smelling “Gar” plant of yours? Would be a nice bush to pick up and move around the house, just get your face in there, :laughing:…with Cherry Smell.

I would bet that would be so Nice!

Just out if curiosity how long are you drying your plants out there with the heat in summertime? I am asking how many days on average from cut down to the point you are putting your weed in tupperwear or Jars to start your curing process?


Thank you @Brainsacco1 appreciate it :smiley:
Much appreciated @Fieldofdreams :+1: I was impressed with the 5 gal buckets of buds I saw on another thread wow very awesome!!


@Work4iT Well yeah awesome toting my plants back and forth, the smells are great. But I wear glasses and if I am not careful bump into a sticky bud and lenses covered by tricomes!!! That sucks lol… And I cut each branch and remove all the fan leafs, light wet trim, hang in hall closet for two days, pop all the buds off and allow them the afternoon and evening, bag them in quart ziplock overnight with hydrometer, lay out paper next day and spread buds out for a few hours, bag with hydrometer, over and over till I get a steady 58 to60% its how I slow down the drying time to several days. Then I would have jarred them for burping, but now I use grove bags. Hope that helps man :smiley:


Hey @Taz92590 here is my current grow using hlg 100s, they are good lights but have their limits. Holler at me anytime my friend :+1:

Good afternoon yall here we are at week 11 1/2 day 81 of this grow, and all is well. Flowering first is Chem x pluto auto now been in flower for a full 7 weeks 95% pistols are orange, but tricomes about 80% cloudy with too many clear, and no amber, so another week in the bathroom. Buds are looking awesome but she has stopped drinking as much so she is not building anymore. Ppm running around 700, just plain water last few waterings

Early lemon berry is 4 1/2 weeks into flower and is getting a lot of orange pistols but still building nicely, watering with ph water and every other w/calmag. Top dressing when ppms get low. Cruising right along but ph in miracle grow always gets more alkaline this time in the grow and I am adjusting as I go.

Cherry gar see ya is 3 1/2 weeks into flower and her nuggets are getting bigger and man tricome packed, won’t be a great yield but looks and smells awesome :smiley: like LB just watering, cal mag, and top dress with flowering nutes if necessary. But on the cruise path also

Okay enough about me it’s time to show my daughters grow, all is looking very nice, even sunset sherbet is coming along nicely this week. This is the 5th week outdoors and I may be topping a couple of these girls this week, didn’t have time to inspect them close today, will go over again in a few days. As you can see how tall they are in respect to the fence, like indoor grow they at least double in hight during flower, so now is time to think about training lol… Here’s a group pic

First up is Bergmans super skunk, shes one of the two I’m thinking of topping, shes a beast

Cherry gar see ya is the other candidate for topping. Looking sorta like my closet girl but will be bushier I think.

Here’s sugar black rose twins, but one somehow I got one turn auto, how? It has auto genes, but was supposed be quick to harvest 45 days flower. The auto is 4 weeks into flower and will be cut out when ready lol…

Here’s sunset sherbet and doing much better this week, shes a sativa strain and doesn’t like our weather, but it’s going to be hot hot hot, and we will see what happens lol

Here’s master kush x Skunk regular, of course a 50/50 chance of being male, but structure looks female, and I am pretty sure the seed looked female according to a method I’ve seen around a long time. But shes doing great

And last but not least Bergmans girl scout cookies, another one I need to have a closer look at when I get back over there. I am pretty sure the fence fell on her and topped her, but I am not sure yet, she is also a sativa strain and seem to be doing well in our weather.

All is well with me here today and I wish you all a wonderful day. Happy growing yall :smiley:


All looking great!

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Thanks sir :+1:

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