Dennis 62 simple grow #13

Here we are at the beginning of my Ethos design grow, I have two photos Early lemon berry (which I have grown before) and Cherry gar see ya, added a freebie auto that is Chem x pluto. As usual I will be starting these seeds in the 3 gal plastic pots with dry Miracle grow potting mix

Then I put a half inch hole in the middle and drop in one of the seeds and cover.

Then I use this 16 oz cup of phed water to very slowly pour the water in circles around the seed without disturbing it, so you can imagine the amount of water will pre wet the soil around and below the seed, 3 to 4 inches around and several inches deep.

Now remember that the rest of the pot is dry soil around and below the area the seed will be occupying, and only the soil where the seed needs is wet, and I will not be deep watering for a few days after the seeds pop. Watering this way for two reasons: #1 I can not over water and have soggy soil because there is dry soil surrounding the area I wet today, and I will keep just ahead of the root zone, dampen soil around the drip line or outer edge of the leafs and as deep as the plant is tall every few days until the plant is as wide as the pot and as tall, of course then i will be watering to run off. I teach my girls that their root zone will be flushed with water/nutes every few days depending on size and how damp soil is. I never let soil completely dry out completely, I treat it like coco as it is mostly peat moss, wood chips and vermiculite it breathes fairly well. Reason #2 for watering this way, Miracle grow potting mix is considered a hot soil and I wet just where roots are at the time, activating only the time released NP&K nutes in the small area that is wet not activating nutes in the whole pot, where all the nutes activated at once. I get them use to the nutes a little at a time, I have had two plants did not make it due to the hot soil even though I tried to moderate nutes. So I try to imitate nature in so much as I get seeds out of fridge (winter) get them acclaimed to room temperature (spring) add water and wait, I also put a HLG 100 4000k board above them on 18 on 6 off because I feel the warmth of the light and the light energy helps the germination, could be wrong but I think it works for me. As for now I just use a couple table spoons of water to keep the seed moist not soaked, only if the area the seed is in gets too dry, I keep the seed moist at all times and using these methods I have a 100% germination rate thanks to the weed gods lol. Here is the closet today still got stuff to figure out where to put, but for today my friends I am happy to start my girls on their way. I am going to go through my last grow to list all the people who have followed me and tag them in in a while. Just glad to have a grow up and running Happy growing yall :slight_smile:


Okay yall are folks who were interested in grow 12 and hope you all are doing well today and hopefully you will follow along with the new grow. Happy growing yall :smiley: @Bulldognuts @CC_Mo @Carpenter @SilvaBack203 @spankyjr1 @Newt @Work4iT @kellydans @Thumper @SKORPION


@Brainsacco1 @fredwwest @503budman @Joshmcginnis28 @hemphammer @Twistedsquid If i missed anyone I apologize. Hope all is well with you all.


Count me in!


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Can I join?
Great thread for sharing.
Thank you for your efforts and thread.


Heck yeah my friend, thanks guys


I’m in. Good luck!


Thanks for the tag happy to follow along! :sunglasses:



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Hey @jorkvilleyoe I saw your post, here is my grow 13 just getting seeds wet, today is day one in soil, I don’t expect movement for another couple days. But you can also search Dennis 62 simple grow #12 to see my last grow. Hope you are doing well, i will read your thread, no time now. Happy growing man


ty,not much to see here yet.I’m still trying to open a support ticket but copy/pasting isn’t working out.

I know you going to Slay it. Lucky #13. Knock Wood.

Love that you got the dirt that matches the carpet. Going to make that move out inspection alot easier! Good thinking! :wink:


Good morning everyone, day 3 and lemon berry was above ground and had helmet head, so I wet her with a couple drops of water and two toothpicks to pry the seed shell apart, wooo hooo, she is good :smiley: I also used a pick and carefully looked in other two and i have two white elbows, so all are alive and well, by tomorrow all 3 should be plants above ground. Happy growing yall, happy day here


UPDATE : ALL 3 ARE UP SHELLS OFF!!! Oh happy day TRIPLETS :smiley: all are bent over but will be standing tomorrow. I always stress over this part big time, now that they are plants i can relax and enjoy the ride. I have been lucky, I like having all the same age, grow to 9 or 10 nodes top once, veg to 18 inches, flip n flower, quick and easy. Okay this is how it starts calling it day one

Oh and I had light at 12 inches and now set at 18 inches. Thanks all you, I see ya an appreciate it fellas :smiley: Happy growing yall


Happy Trails.
What is your soil type?
Miracle Grow Potting Mix STRAIGHT?
I think it is too TIGHT w/o adding peat moss or other.
Also, I suspect your MGPM soil is 7.0
How says you?

Cant wait 4 those babies 2 start spreading up

Found this Helmet head yesterday under another large plant (shown, was testing slow germinating seeds). Replanted. Today it looks better and i moved into tent on seedling mat.

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