Dennis 62 simple grow #11

Here’s current grow @Claybo :smile:

I know every1 i see reveg so far does 24/0 for atleast 2 weeks for reveg. I i dont think they should get dark til they r revegged. @Hellraiser would be good to tell u if 20/4 is good. Strapped on seeds bud or just a strain u wanna keep around.


I use 24/0 for a couple/few weeks to start a reveg but 20/4 or even 18/6 will work.


Thanks @Mark0427 and @Hellraiser only had a couple days of longer light schedule, decided to just finish her off, was hoping for another couple weeks but my bad. I learned my lesson, finish my grow before starting another lol…


Hey Dennis:),
I just wanted to let you know my plants absolutely love that light! I started them off with the light a little bit closer and the dimmer way down but each morning when I saw they were ok, I would raise the wattage, until on the one plant the upper leaves started canoeing bad so I backed the light farther away. I’m running now at about 17" and the dimmer two clicks from full. It’s great that the plants love the light, but the only problem is they are growing too big too fast lol(or is that a good thing?), just since Sunday they grew two or three new stories high lol. Now I know why they have trellis, I guess it’s too late to use that now, and now I know why people train their plants, but probably too late for that also. The bushes are so thick, they have branches that are getting totally hidden that have 3 to 4 to 5 leaves of future flower sites. There’s only probably six or seven more inches they can grow higher and that’s as high as they’ll fit and the grow light will be up as far as it can go. I might do something different with the next grow with the T6 and filter and maybe get it out of the tent) and that leaves me with the news on my oldest plant, the Auto. It’s almost at the end of the eighth week. It stacked about another two or three new stories of new flower on top of the cola! A couple inches or so since I put the light in this last weekend, it’s unbelievable.(unless I’m just crazy,and I just may be:) yeah that’s great but it’s performing a balance act, the cola is so heavy compared to the stem size and it’s kind of getting unstable as in top-heavy. If I knock it with my arm when I’m watering the plants farther back it does a serious wobble. Do I just leave it go and let it do what it’s doing? And the same for the other two that are photos? Just let them get bushier and taller and bigger? I know that’s a stupid question, but if I let them go, by the middle of September they’ll be growing through my roof, the house roof lol! Should I attempt pulling leaves off those two, or try to train some branches down? I would hate to top them because there’s three or four baby layers that are fresh in like the last 3/4 of an inch that is new bright green growth. Needless to say I’m a noob and have never topped anything or ever used a net or ever tried training branches and I would hate to alter them and hurt’em. Some have nine or ten points on one leaf, they’re massive (in the next couple days I’m gonna have plenty of questions if and when I should start flushing that auto and how to harvest, n what’s a grove bag etc lol.The tools to measure the moisture and all that stuff you guys talk about. I took two pictures of each and a picture of the whole set up and would appreciate any advice. Thank you very much in advance!

By the way how do you see your post, the actual format, before you post it so you can see the pictures and if they’re in the correct spots that you want them instead of just seeing this HTML in the small square box? (this new grow thread is letting me post with the reply button instead of having to reply in an email because of the desktop view, when you’re in desktop view on a phone, you don’t see a reply button lol)


Hey @Claybo sorry been dealing with lots lately, your girls are looking great, I would got a wooden dowel to support that big cola, or string and tie to top of tent lol. I need to know when are you going to flip the girls to flower, if you are going to grow them out in the tent, if you know that a plant is going to double in hight when you flower them. I try to keep mine below 36 inches, so I flip to 12/12 when my plants are at 18 inches. I only let my plants grow to have so many sets of branches and I top to keep from further upward growth and promote lower branches to grow out. You said something about September, are you putting them outside? In the tent you say when September is lol… Hey the auto has so many white pistols everywhere, she is still building, I’d guess more than two weeks or a couple more than that. I do not flush till I notice she stops consuming lots of water, then she’s not building and I just plain water from there. Looks good otherwise man. And I type out and input photos and push send lol. Don’t know how to edit I’m a dinosaur with tech man. Good luck with that :smile:

It sounds like I screwed up everything, a noob on 1st grow so I get a pass:), but now I don’t know what to do, I had no idea they doubled when they flowered and I thought you backed the light down to 12 hrs at the beginning of October, when all the other outside regular photo plants naturally went into flower. And I have to go out of town for 4 to 5 weeks end of August and was going to either take them with me like I did in June(I bought a tent for there before I left) or maybe ask someone to water them while I’m gone. Do you think they’re too big for a 5 Hour Drive? Or they’ll be too big to bring home probably? Or just too fragile and will get harmed.
I planned on letting them get as big as they could so I’d get more bud. I figured the auto would be harvested and dried by the time I left end of August. And when I got back the end of September put the photos in flower then. When you say they’ll get twice as big when they flower, do you mean wide or high?(but either way I won’t be able to do what I have to no matter what because two are photo and one is auto) Now I see how your lighting schedule totally gets screwed up with two different kinds of plants. (i’ve heard some of you guys complain about that but didn’t understand)
I just took measurements and the SS Auto is 27 1/2"
Large SS is 28"
Small SS is 18 1/2

I also just realized how bad the last pictures looked, I took those with the osculating fan blowing on low and just noticed when you zoom in they’re blurry, apologies, here’s a few clear photos. I rotated the auto so you could see both sides, still think not ready to flush? The other two I kind of moved them to the side to try to get just one plant in the photo.

Well now I know the battle plan for the next grow, top them at the correct spot, and train some of the lower branches outward. And probably take some of the bigger leaves off. Should I take some of the big leaves off now? Dennis how would you finish up this grow considering having to leave town and also the size of them now?

Oh, and I can’t tell when they need water or not, I’ve just been watering them by ear, I’ve been given all of them one cup at night when the lights go off, the Auto gets tiger bloom and the two others get grow big and big boom, and in the morning I just toss them some plain water half cup or 3/4 cup. Have I been given them too much?, or too little?


First off that jumps at me, watering, when plant is tall and wide as the pot it’s in you should be watering whole pot to a little run off, then allow to go 2 to 3 days, easy way to tell is lifting the pot when wet, then lift when dry the pot should be lighter. You should be at least a gallon or more every other day or so with your size plants. Mj like a wet dry cycle, but do not allow dry out excessively, I lift my pots every day, you get to know. As for leaf removal, I do not remove any leaf till second week of flower, and then only a few here and there to open up the canopy. Your lower branches will grow past the leaf in time. Okay if it were me I would top them and flip lights a few days later to 12/12 and flower them while I was gone if you have a person to water, flowering takes 7 to 12 weeks, safe bet 8 to 10. If you flip now you’ll harvest mid September. If you flip soon you will know in a couple weeks how big they are going to finish, and know whether you can move them. And yes they grow up and out. Holler at me if I missed anything. Good luck

@Claybo If the middle to end of September is bad time to harvest you could top them and delay couple weeks to flip puts you end of September first of October. Topping will slow upward growth and promote width, but of course these are my options, every grow is a learning experience. It also helps to start a journal and get advice from others on the forum. I hope this is helpful. Another thing to remember artificial lighting only penetrate so far before light is not benifcal, not like the sun. So too tall of plant you have good light to top half, not so much with bottom. Some people on the forum grow big monsters but they also have bigger spaces and lights. I have to keep everything right size in my space, and have settled into a comfortable place, you will too, your girls are doing great, take your time and figure out your options.

Thanks Dennis! You’ve given me a lot to think about, and great advice also! Sorry I dumped so many questions on you and apologies for spamming your board. I guess I’m just really excited having my first plants ever, and its not only just that,. its my first plants and having such excellent growth and beautiful flowers to boot (thx to your advice on the light) Excited but real scared to screw something up at this point and lose everything, like in a high stakes poker game,.Way Way up in the beginning, and then can’t afford a bus ticket for the ride home lol.
Anyway, Thanks Dennis, have a good night and I’ll touch ground with you at some point and let you know how I made out.

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Your good brother, glad to help and you can post anytime on my thread. If you need anything let me know :slight_smile: :smile:

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Okay yall here we are at week 5, down to 2 plants as afgooey was a miniature, nitrogen toxic, happens with miracle grow at times. The other were born in way too hot temperatures and are not my normal plants, no big leafs, everything is thinner and not as bushy as my normal plants. As it looks my yields are going to suffer also, but will have to wait and see. Also went back to two hlg 100s in 3k to flower, I can adjust for two different hight plants and my room temperature goes down at least 10 to 15 degrees. I can’t get more than the two lights, or my temperatures are too hot for a non ventilated space. Its a learning thing this grow. Pineapple auto is in 1st week of flower, and streached about all she’s going to, just building from here on. And lemon berry is now back to 12/12 so after a delay is now going into flower now, will have to see what the hell it turns into. Total craziness, but here’s pics, closet, pineapple then lemon berry.

lemon berry

Happy growing yall :smile:


Oh also my daughter is harvesting here auto, and her outside plants are doing great for 100+ degree weather. Here’s pics



Your plants are looking great as usual, and your daughters of course look excellent also, why are the leaves on her one plant so yellowish, over water or something with nutrients?

Dennis sir,
Could I please ask your advice on one more thing? I decided to flip on this next light cycle for the largest of the two photos. Do I keep Mrs. cola in the 12/12 with the large photo or do I keep her at 18/6? Her pistols/hairs are still all white and as you said may still be building. My intentions are moving her along with the younger photo(5-26) into the spare shower stall ( that’s still set up from before I bought the tent).The lighting in there is the Rapid LED 75 W COB and I have one of the 17 W 65K T5’s in there also. Is it better to have that cola in there or left under the HLG at 12/12? I took the liberty of trimming a few leaves off the small photo to expose some new growth. ( hope I didn’t damage her) I included another photo of each and one with the amount of leave I cut off the one plant. ( there’s a lot of huge leaves on the one that I’m going to flip, I guess leave them all ?)

Again sorry to bother you Dennis, thank you very much for your time, it is really appreciated!


@Claybo The auto can do any time schedule without any problems, I’d keep her under the hlg. And the auto of my daughter’s is yellowing because the plant is coming to the end and she is low on nitrogen, and is consuming the nutes in the leafs. :smiley:

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Good day all, here we are at week 6 and all is well as can be expected. I must admit VDP is to be respected, my grow is not necessarily terrible but not my normal plants. Too hot early and it’s going to affect my yields as my plants are not healthy busy girls with thick branches. My pineapple express auto is 2 weeks into flower and buds are building, so hopefully will be okay. Lemon berry is coming into flower this week, and will see what happens. I learned the limits of my sealed grow, no more than two hlg 100s, or temperatures climb too high. The hlg 260w ran way to hot without ventilation. So I’m back to what I know works. Here’s pics, closet, pineapple then lemon berry


Lemon berry

Oh and here are my daughter’s LA ultra, and lemon berry, both are streaching and going into flower. Very happy with them getting through this hot summer. Anyway la ultra then lemon berry

and a dried bud from her auto, fluffy but smells great

Happy growing yall