Demineralized water + Calmag + pH down = good water?

Hello, new to growing cannabis and wanting my first attempt to be great. I knew there must be a perfect water for Cannabis rather than just using tap water, found their article and from what I gathered thus far and my understanding, demineralized water is a great blank canvas and needs to be painted by adding in Calmag (between 100 to 150 ppm) and pH down to lower the water to around 6 pH?

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Basically. But if its soil than its needs to be 6.2 to 6.8. I personally do it at 6.5 or 6.6


Yes, gonna use soil, FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil to be precise. I’ll definitely keep it around 6.5 then, but out of curiosity, why not around 6 with soil?

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Maybe this will help…
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Oh my, that’s EXACTLY the kind of things I love to find, I appreciate the help, both of you!


Sorry for the late response. I see he got you covered now so thats good. Happy holidays