Delta water for my plants

I live on the Delta in California if I properly ph the water can I use it or are the ppm too high or does that matter since it’s all organic matter in the water or most of it anyway.for out door grow.

You can use it. You’ll be fine. Interesting name… lol…


So ive always heard that the ppm have to be low thats why i always used RO water …but i live on the water so lets give it a try.

True if you intend to supplement, run soilless or hydro: most of those guys like to know everything that the plant sees. If tap water TDS is too high it’s taking the place of introduced nutrients.

My muni water is 550 ppm (sucks!) and choose to use R/O for this reason. But I have grown in soil with that water just fine.


Mine are in pots will that be ok with delta water

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As long as your pot is big enough to support growth of the plant you should be fine. Most people swear by the air pots, but im growing in plastic pots just fine.