Delta 9 labs medicinal marijuana

Has anyone ever used this seed bank before? I personally have wanted to try to Canna Sutra, Fruit of the Gods, Aiea (this has my interest piqued for its uses concerning alleviation of bronchial problems) and Simpson Kush for MS.

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There’s a lot of questionable things about their website. They aren’t listed in other trusted sources. The seed store here is quite awesome tho. I’ve not been dissappointed in the photoperiods by any means. Here is an ILGM Chocolope

One plant.


Thanks. I was just curious. And that looks really good! I’m definitely not disappointed by any of the selections on ILGM that’s for sure.

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It’a also my first time having seeds from ILGM but the selections blew me away. Good reviews on every single item I looked at as well. I was just curious about delta 9 labs though. I’ve been in contact with them and have been eyeing there canna sutra strain for almost a decade I feel like. I follow their Instagram. They’re pretty active and they have shots of their strains being featured in foreign marijuana magazine companies.

Can’t wait for my chocolope to look like that😎

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