Delicious Blackberry 22 days flowering



Flushing has begun beginning of week 7 flowering. Ph - 6 and PPM of 111. Will continue until le as he’s turn yellow then pick.




@peachfuzz @Hogmaster @Rickyj @Whodat66 @Countryboyjvd1971 @raustin @elheffe702 @blackthumbbetty @Nug-bug HOW FAR OFF PICKING YAS RECKON??? Have found a little mould developing. Have stepped up airflow as humidity has been high 50’s. Very close to just picking to save it. But I think I’m getn impatient now.


Can you please do a picture of the whole plant


Am tryn for mostly amber


Really you just have to keep an eye on it man you can take it anytime just watch for mold I ran into the same situation with my cherry pie I had to take it down I have a few Amber but was all cloudy


Ok sweet. It comes on like a bloody freight train I found. Getn adrenalin again watching her. Cheers



You still have some time to go… get a fan in there to move that air… asap… :wink:
Lookin frosty tho , fo sure… :grin:



Ok sweet. Some time… bugger. But good. Gunna fatten nicely then. Just have her in a worm casting solution now. Has been cruising in it for the last week almost. Cheers for your time. :grin:


@peachfuzz works a treat once that air is bloody moving. Am good on the mouldy bit.


FYI i harvested a Blackberry outdoor 9/7 and I have to tell ya its one of the most aromatic nugs ever! The colas did not swell as large as other varieties and it ripened slower than others too but the smokes great! :sunglasses: All I can say is be patient and keep an eye on rot. You want to look at the trichs on the buds not the sugar leaves…


Appreciate the info @hangthebanksters. Getn impatient now. Am 1 day off 7 weeks flowering. Am expecting a clip on microscope or macro thingymabob for the phone to check it out properly b4 I get 2 xcited bout stripping her. What sort of PPM would you be running on at this stage??? Mine is 120 or so only tryn to go for a nicer TASTE by using a worm tea solution for the last week. Has been a GENERAL HYDROPONICS FLORA TRIO GROW WITH HIGH PPM ALL THE WAY IN COMPARISON TO OTHER GROWS I THINK. whoops didn’t mean 2 b yelling… lmao. Bout an ave of 1300 to 1400ppm mostly. And up to 17-1800 at one stage.


yeah that low of tds is going to flush the plants which is what you want to do for a smooth toke


The lower fan leaves are just starting to get a lighter green now. Starting to get a couple of BROWN flecks throughout them ones too…how do you think I’ve timed the flush so far. I’m looking for the mostly amber trichomes. Appreciate your input.


Looks good when did you flip? End of July?


I flipped beginning of July giving only 4 weeks veg from seed, she refused to agree until pistils popped out a month later on 3rd August exactly.


I germinated mine start of June and flipped start of august


What strain have you There? Looks real good


HOW soon do you start adding nutes? Are yours in Soil?