Delayed or lagging notifications


Has anyone been experiencing delays or other issues with notifications
Last night I received about 20-30 all at once some where from days ago
And today im receiving some fir 26 days ago ??
Just wondering if its just me or not


I have too. This has been a problem before. ILGM gave an explanation But I don’t remember what it was. Obviously something to do with there computer system.


I’ve gotten a few notifications for posts that I had already responded to.


Me too. I had a crap ton last night, some I had responded to.


Thanks guys hopefully they get it sorted out soon


Hi guys, thanks for reporting. This concerns fprum notifications if I read correct? If so there’s not much we can do as the forum is hosted by Discourse. Let me know if the issue persists over the next couple of days.
Best regards, Roy


Thanks Roy i may have pisted tbis thread in wrong place ? But yeah its been a ongoing issue fir a while just seems to have gotten worse over the last few day
Thanks fir the reponse
Best Wishes, :v:️CB