Delayed flowering, late bloomer?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

**> Hello, ive been growing out durban reg. I got from you guys and i was wondering about your personal experience with this strains flower time. I’ve read every shed of info i can find on your website, which say 7-9 with 9 weeks being the average, if im not mistaken. **
**> Have you seen this strain run 10-12 weeks like other sativas? The reason i ask, is because today is day 63 of flower and i still have yet to see an amber trich and they are still shooting white pistils. Looks like they still have a couple weeks to finish. I run coco w/fox farm line and usually flush for 7 -10 days. **
> Just wondering if youve seen your durban run long like this. Thank you in advance.


Its not an exact science with these things as each seed can reflect different phenotypes in the genetics
I have not seen this particularly in the Durban poison strain but most folks here will tell ya that if you are counting down days on the calender you are fonna be of any where from a few days to a few weeks
If they are still cranking out white pistols then let it keep goin man
Hope this helps and happy growing. What a nice tasty strain though one of my daytime favorites!


I think @Daz49 may have some insight on the durban poison strain beleive he had a good run with it if I remember


We should also confirm that when you say “day 63 of flower” you mean from the time you first saw signs of flower, and not from the time you switched the lights to 12/12.


Thanks for the fast response. I planted seeds on 9/10 and flipped on10/20.
Ive always heard opinions that vary when it comes to starting your “count”. Some say from first sign of pistils, some say from when you flip.

I do see different phenos for sure. out of 10 beans, 9 cracked, 2 damped off, 1 male. Of those 6, i see 3 distinct phenotypes. ive started to flush 1 that looks much farther along but the rest are still shooting.

This is my first time with durban. Just thought I’d throw it out there and see what came back. Thanks in advance. :v:


I grew a durban poison for my first grow, she grew to over 6ft and produced over a pound in weight and she was just over 8 weeks in flower


Right on @daz49 thanks for the info
I enjoyed the journal on it and tasty strain man👍🏻


Oh yeah you caught my journal on Bertha Did You? Good luck with your grow and tag me in


Right on @THISSGUYY hope they turn out great keep us posted on the grow buddy
Happy growing👍🏻


@daz49 thanks for that. Im assuming your beans were from ilgm? And an outdoor run?
No room in my house for 6 footers lol.
I scrogged 4 of them in my 4x4 tent with a kind k5 xl750 and co2 injection.
I topped and lst’d 2 of em for a little over 60 days and put em in my greenhouse to dep.
Talk about bushes lol.
I think i may just start tapering my ppm so i can make a smooth transition to full flush
When they stop shooting hairs.
Although, i am still torn due ti the fact that i have a decent amount of yellow and fading leaves already. Hope they dont yellow too close to the bud during the flush.


Ah you haven’t seen my grow journal, cool, you should check it out ,yes on where I got the seeds but she was an indoor grow,
durban poison , first time grow,
I think that’s what it’s called, check it out my friend, if it can help then I’m happy


I will definitely check it out. Thanks @daz49
For the quick replies. Just curious, did you experience your plant being super sensitive to nitrogen? I had to cut back to 1/8 strength on the N.


@daz49 @Growit


No ,mine was a great grower from the start, I got nutrients from Robert Bergman, called flower power I think, it does the complete range from start to bloom and she had a fat ball stem and I topped and fimmed her and scrogged her and she was an amazing first grow


Right on. I was wondering about his nute line.
They are a soluble poweder, correct?
I have friends in northern calCalifornia that swear by veg+bloom solubles.


I’ve tagged you in my durban poison grow now, my little brother is doing a durban poison right now, it’s only about 3 weeks old i think