Dela Haze Cuttling

Hey there! I am a completely new grower and today some guy from a growshop in my country gifted me a cuttling (I hope that’s the right word in English) of a Dela Haze.He said it’s a mothers clone and that it would be the perfect plant to get started with.
To my first question. Because of the fact, that he didn’t tell me how old the plant is I am trying to find some help with the answer in this forum. Here photos I took of the plant, already planted in Coco Soil. My Growroom needs some improvements I think btw, If you guys need better pictures of the plant, please let me know.

My second and last question would be how much water the plant needs. It has a 95W LED Retrofit Lamp as lightsource and is currently in a 5,6l plant pot.
If you see something that is cheap to change about my “setup” please let me know, thanks in advance for helping :slight_smile:

  • Deibiddo
  1. Clones are fully mature plants and need to be treated as such

  2. Water only when dry

  • Best of luck!

Okay, thank you!
Should I prune the plant already? And when is it time to go to a 12h 12h light cycle?

No don’t prune, it’s already a little stretchy, instead consider topping the plant ?

12/12 can be used to induce flowering at any point in a plant’s life

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I topped it now :slight_smile:
What is your opinion on how long I should wait before initiating flowering?
thanks for the tips!

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I give it at least a week after topping or until I see two distinct shoots growing

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